Midmap AAA needs to go

For some reason it’ll target you if you have AAMs even though it shouldn’t, and it’s incredibly precise this update. It’s nearly impossible to dodge AAA fire while also dodging the constant spam of missiles. It literally serves zero purpose in this game and should honestly just be removed entirely.


totally agree. I wouldn’t mind it damaging my plane a little over time but to be crippled/shot down out of the blue is just garbage game design.

I don’t think a single player likes the thought of being shot down by AI in the middle of the map. fair enough around airfields but not in the middle where all the fights happen

We’ve had it in ASB for a long time. But it seems to be slowly rolled out to ARB. I get it and like the idea of ground targets not be defenceless targets, but there is ground targets needing engaging in the right way, and ground targets being an extreme danger to everyone and everything within a huge radius. With ARB such a small melee and no one performs CAS in ARB, Im not sure why they added it to that gamemode.

Who knows, maybe Gaijin is trying to make CAS planes viable and important to use in Air RB.

Could be nice chance of place instead of Fighter vs fighter meta which is boring

Can’t even cure stock syndrome by base bombing now, radar laid AAA just deletes me no mater what I do… added to the list of “don’t renew premium” reasons.

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Hi to everybody here,

this is the same issue as the clouds, this is all added randomness to make players more emotional and make them spend money they wouldn’t have if the game was balanced and skill based.

Broken AA, Radars locking more onto allies in a fight than ennemies, clouds, one sided maps in GRB, … ALL OF THIS IS TO P*SS YOU OFF

For example world of tanks does this with the aiming mechanic and breaking modules, WT cant do that since it is a “realistic” game, so gaijin has to add randomness not based on the players or the vehicles so they do it with maps, weather and AI

If you think that i’m wrong watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNjI03CGkb4&t=15s

I Agree! Since the AA Artillery pieces in the zones of operation are so accurate, why do not we switch them with the obsolete and sometimes useless Airport AAA pieces and AAM systems?

Just had a game where it came down to me in an F-14A and an F-16A on the other team, we both had out controls shot out by mid map AA… game left to be decided by AI ground units/Timer or whoever crashed first… drumroll… we both survived, his AI units won with 3 minutes left on the clock.

To the tune of a certain Bing Crosby xmas tune: “It’s beginning to look a lot like F-this…”