Midmap AA/AAA

Hello all.

Why is it that the midmap AA is such a nuisance? I’ve been flying a lot of 6.7 air, because it’s more calming and slow paced than high tier jets, and was shot out of the air by an M163. I was a good 3km away from said M163, and it didn’t give me any other indicators that I’d been damaged other than ‘Pilot Knocked Out’.

What gives with M163s, ZA-35s, ZSU-23-4s/37-2s, SIDAMs, and Gepards being so adequate at their job? Furthermore, why is airfield AA so woefully pitiful at high tiers, with the only thing ever doing their job the M247s; and more or less an unstoppable force at low tiers?

I don’t know how the code words determining the accuracy of AA or the damage, but could it be revised as to not make any and all AA at high tier an instantly locking, instantly killing force? It’s absurd that I’ve died to midmap AA more than I’ve died to other players.


The AF SAMs were indirectly nerfed by the missile changes. The gepards and what not have been pretty crazy. I have even been shot down by them from 4+km out. I think that, when gaijin switched the AA from basic models to gf models, they tried giving them a nerfed version of the AF AA ai but they clearly didnt nerf it enough.

I’ve been shot by M163 while flying 5.7 plane. And in 6.0 Ta-152H got burned to death because I was chasing the enemy at 550km/h and wasn’t looking to the side - got sniped from 1600m away.
It’s beyond ridiculous. And they aren’t easy to dodge at all.
Gaijin meesed up big time yet again. At least it’s not the good old M163 at 4.0 (miss those times, lol).

About AF AAA - for props it could just not exist and I’d be happy as hell. For jets? Don’t know. I don’t play jets.