Mid field aa in air rb


i have been randomly shot down multiple times by aa ai in the middle of the map for no reason in 7.0-12.0 its getting abit old at this point i get a good match going and then after i get do the deck to do anything or even near the deck ill get randomly shot out of the air by aa for no reason plz plz nerf these things in to the ground

i want to add i was not loitering to long either i was literally getting speed back from killing an enemy and as i went to assess my situation bam got shot by ai

It’s a lot more fun to be shot down in a 5.7 WW2 plane by M163 (Vietnam era SPAA firing at 6000 RPM). I can fully recommend the experience.

I don’t understand why anything resembling mid map aa even needs to exist air RB and ab

They are only supposed too be dump ground targets to farm points, they are not a Major part of the gameplay like they are for Heli ec or the big maps(red and blue Lines)and even there they are a bit over the top (in Heli ec they tend to respawn randomly so there is a high risk of them just spawning in a 1km Radius instantly deleting anything unfortunate enough to be there a spawn Warning would be nice)

It’s bad enough they now have ground DMG models which makes them alot Harder to kill but it’s realistic so that’s good and I think they give more points but that could be Placebo

SAM missiles are Buggers aren’t they? I’ve been shot down by them too. Solution: stay away from “Armored Columns” on the Sinai Map…and others. they can lock on you in around five seconds. But they don’t launch that often.