MI28A need to be downgraded BR

mi28A as a transitional products of the last century, which did not have all-weather combat capability and lacked warning information, should not be in agreement with the modernized and improved MI35 in agreement with the BR

It is also less survivable comparable with KA50/52

Ka-50 and Ka-52 are still fairly undertiered, and the Mi-28A is 10.7 and not 11.0. The Mi-28A at 10.7 is reasonable, as it has very good zoom, the ATAKAs are pretty decent, and I think it would be more reasonable to compare the Mi-28N, which is 11.0, with the Ka-50, which is also 11.0. In that case, the Ka-52 gets much much better ATGMs (Vikhirs), that have 10km range instead of 6km, gets proximity, is beam-riding instead of SACLOS (ATAKAs), and goes 600m/s instead of 550m/s.

The Ka-50 is also able to survive without a tail, and so it’s much more survivable, like you said.

In return, the Mi-28N gets 4 more ATGMs (16x instead of 12x), a more flexible turret, and it gets much better zoom and thermals.
This may make the Mi-28N easier to play (easier to acquire targets), but it is generally more ineffective than the Ka-50 against anything (whether it be planes, helicopters, spaa or tanks).
The Ka-50 should go to 11.3, and the Mi-28N should stay at 11.0, as well as the Mi-28A staying at 10.7 (it’s simply a Mi-28N without thermals and no MAW).
The Ka-52 is a lot better than the Ka-50, so it should go to 12.0.

If you compare the Mi-28A to the Mi-35M, the Mi-35M is less armoured, does not get a flexible 30mm with APDS, but gets 2x chin-mounted 23mms, and only gets 8x ATAKAs instead of 16x. To compensate, it gets a thermal imager, 4x Iglas, and HIRSS / IRCM. I think this is a fair trade-off.

nah it should be deleted from swedish tt as they didnt even buy it only tested should be replaced with the tested apache instead
lmao even for that mass report


I said it doesn’t have all-weather combat capability, which means targets can only be detected during extremely good weather during the day,If you are a cheater with automatic locking ability, then I have nothing to say,By the way, the vortex has a proximity fuse that can shoot down missiles that are completely vertical in attack

Well it doesn’t have thermals, so it makes sense.

What do you mean by this?
APS can defeat ATAKAs, as well as SPAA, but it’s still a pretty good vehicle nonetheless.