Messerschmitt Me 163 B

The 163 is a curious vehicle, while it can be pretty fun its BR leaves allot to be desired, how this thing ever how past 7.3 is a mystery, nowadays with all the unfunny vehicles gaijin added at its br range it cant even catch allot of jets, so i propose its BR be lowered to somewhere around 7.3 so it can face more things like B-29s and the like…which was its intended use IRL as well, this thing is a interceptor, it should also get an airspawn if the BR cant be lowered to at least get a little boost in the battle.

7.3 of 7.7 is way too low, it has very good flight performance. However, at 8.0, it’s in a bad place since it can’t compete very well with later sabres and Mig-15.

If it were to get a buff, I’d give it an interceptor spawn and leave it at 8.0.

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Bro why do you want the B-29 to suffer even more than it already does? The thing should by like 6.0 max, and even then the AI gunners never shoot.

Youre supposed to be the gunner…not the AI


No, the AI are supposed to be the gunners. Fighters (WWII and early Cold War) have only one crew, so they gun and fly. Bombers have more than one crew, and therefore should have the option for AI to control the turrets. I mean the system works amazingly in Naval, idk why AI gunners are a bad thing all of a sudden. It’s not like bombers are difficult to kill in the slightest.

Well its not russian, so it can’t stay at 6.7 clubbing literally everything like the BI does.

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We had that years ago and it was cancer. You should look up videos of the old bomber gunners where getting within 2km of one meant you were getting pilot sniped.

Because in Naval you have to do other things like shooting at ships which requires someone’s full attention. Bombers just fly in a straight line to their target.


Come back when you know what youre talking about man

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I have, it was never as overpowered as people say. In fact, it is much more balanced than what we have now (where AI gunners are literally useless).

Because commanding a boat is so much harder than flying a plane in 3D. Sure, lol.


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I also have the B-29, you will die to a jet instantly when you try to fly it. The AI gunners should be useful, as you have to fly the plane (and you can’t easily shoot and fly the plane in a bomber like you can in a fighter).

Counter argument: no wheels falling off after take off :(

You can, you point your mouse forward and let the instructor fly in a straight line? If you need to maneuver you can just use keyboard controls while in gunner view.

So you mean you can’t actually fly it, because if you could fly it you would be able to maneuver effectively (and not rely purely on max pitch, roll, or yaw inputs)?

It is moving and in the air. That is flying.

I don’t see the issue with having to use the keyboard. With a flight stick you can aim and fly the plane “properly” at the same time, so you can do that instead.

If you can’t maneuver with the same ability as all of the other planes in the game, you can’t effectively fly the plane. Fighters get to shoot and fly effectively, but bombers can’t (at least with keyboard). Hence why AI gunners should be good.

By that measure, then nothing outside of a fighter can “fly” because they are very slow to maneuver.

As I said, you CAN shoot and fly effectively, bombers aren’t that responsive. Using a flight stick will allow you to do both even more easily.

Improving AI gunners will only lead to more botting and AFK playing.

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But that does not mean they should be artificially limited by control methods. It is much easier to hit a target not changing direction than one changing directions constantly.

The answer shouldn’t be “just buy some hardware to fix a software issue.”

It will let people other than bots and AFK-ers play, as people can actually focus on piloting and evading fighter fire rather than being a sitting duck.

You can change directions constantly with the current system.

Actually it is a hardware issue since you only have one mouse and therefore only one way to fly an aircraft with analog controls.

Skill issue, use WASD like everyone else.

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You can change directions erratically (for your control) but also in a way that is easily tracked (there is only maximum or minimum control).

I didn’t know making AI gunners useless was a hardware issue.

Pretty sure fighters use their mouse to control the direction of their plane, not WASD.