"Memphis Belle" B-17F (B-17G-60-VE)

“Memphis Belle” from “Masters Of The Air”
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (299P) - Untitled | Aviation Photo ...
. BR 5.7
. Faster climb rate
. Faster Speed
. Better turn time
. 25 Days of Premium
. 2,500 Golden Eagles
. Profile Icon of “Major Gale ‘Buck’ Cleven”
Major Gale Cleven and Austin Butler as Cleven (image courtesy - John ...
. Title “Bomber Pilot”

I don’t know why the Memphis belle isn’t already in game, weather as a plane or as a skin.

Also, I feel like it would be better as bomber pilot. But that may just be me

good idea, thanks

No problem mate! Get’s a +1 from me

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Gaijin probably doesn’t want to pay royalties for it. IIRC there is a custom skin of it.

To what? A real-life historical skin, for a plane already in game? We have other historical skins in game why not be able to add this one?

Yeah, but the whole point is for others to be able to see it

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Its a real plane and there are about a dozen different holders of trademark and copywrite on it starting with the Nat. USAF Museum.

Yes, I know it’s a real-life aircraft. But what I don’t get is how they can add other skins that are also historical but not this. I also don’t think its trademarked, could you show me where you found that its trademarked or copywrited?

Here is the big one.
And then you can go look thru all the others. ;D

Thanks! Also, one more question. If it’s trademarked, then why do we have a Memphis belle decal in game? Would Gaijin not already have gotten permission for that, or would it be that it doesn’t matter that a historical “skin” is trademarked?

I’m not keen to all the ways the IP for it is divided up, but I just know that there is and that there is a whole cottage industry of lawyers who make their yacht payments off of suing for infringement.

Can you dumb that down for me? What’s all that mean for someone just wanting a historical skin in the game?

go find a custom skin on the WT live site.

Again, the whole point of me wanting it in game, is so other people can see it… I don’t know what you don’t understand about that.

And I think I made it clear that you can’t. How often is anyone close enough to you to make out your skin anyway…

Can’t what? Want a historical skin in game?

A lot more than you probably think… I do it all the time when flying. Not to mention that fact that if you kill someone they have to see your skin too, if not for only a second

LOL. You can want all you want…

I doubt most players notice or care.

That’s what this whole thread is about!! People wanting to see a Memphis Belle vehicle and/or skin!

That’s besides the point. If they don’t care, then cool. But you clearly cared enough to try and just flat out say no to something I wanted. Doesn’t mean I’m demanding it, just wanting. Wishing even, if you will.

I would love the see the Memphis Belle in the game. But its just unlikely because of the same reason why other “famous” (monitized) historical likenesses don’t often get in the game. It costs a lot of money.
You asked why. That is why.

Okay. That is a lot better statement. Earlier it was just a no, with not an explanation in sight. Now there is one, and it’s reasonable. Thanks for clearing you thoughts and opinions up. Have a good day!