Medals Shown on Player Card That Have Not Been Earned - HACKER?

If you look at someones Player Card, Is it possible to have medals showing that the player has not even earnt yet?

Yesterday, in the once a day air match for the daily booster, I noticed 1 individual who had 28 bomber kills and not 1 death. I play for these boosters every day and i know from experience, that is impossible. When I asked him about his score, he said he hadn’t died because he had landed twice, but that didnt even sound right because he was the leader throughout the whole match and landing twice for repairs would take him out the game for at least 8-10 mins, what with having to land, waiting for the repair timer, taking off and getting back to height to get back in the fight. So I watched the replay.

I watched him up until his 18th kill before I came out the replay with the thought and smell of bull shit. Even up to his 18th kill, he went from wave to wave at a constant cruising speed of 350-370mph in a BF190. After each wave, he peeled off with no damage to his plane at all going after the next wave at over 350mph. No bullet holes, nothing. Up to kill 18, he Never landed once at all. During the replay I reported him for a possible hack.

When I decided to look at his Player Card, even that looks suspicious. He has medals showing that he hasn’t even earnt yet.

Am I right in thinking I might have caught my 1st hacker???

Medals was be changed at an old patch… and players who get them before it could keep them

No you havent caught anything. Perhaps when youve played for longer than a year you can do some research before you call out a “hacker” on the forum.


the requirements of several different medals has change.(just in case, this are my medals)

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When you hover over someone else’s medals and get that tool tip showing the score/progress thing… that’s your own score/progress on the medal, not theirs.

It seems wrong to show it like that… but that’s what it is.

Thank you for the replies. I had no idea things had been changed in that department. But from what I saw in game with the 28 kills and no deaths got me suspicious, then when I looked at his player card, I saw that.


As for you… sorry, I didn’t have breakfast when I got up in the morning so my “psychic abilities” were not working. How is anyone supposed to know things were changed if they were “not playing” when things were changed? Game makers are supposed to be professionals who sort and finalise “goals” before the product is released to the public. Why would anyone actually “expect” game makers to “move” said goal posts in the 1st place to even warrant doing any research? Maybe that’s why the other replies were polite and yours sucked. Maybe they also realise that psychic abilities do not exist, and other than asking, there is no way for me to know.

Subject closed.

Thanks for that. That’s fair to let them keep them after changing the goal posts.

Thanks for showing me that. I had no idea goal posts had been moved.