Me 262 in its proper tier

I’m not going to say please, because I personally think it’s ridiculous, Me 262 always crashing in games with jets from the Korean War, I’m not going to start a discussion here to have a player from an allied country say that it’s crying, because crying is really what they’re doing . speed always below the F 80, 84, 86 always taking a plane at 4k, 5k altitude, always the slowest, the one that turns the slowest, is ridiculous. A2D is faster, F2H…, maneuverability always worse, the C-1a with nothing is the last one to take off and needs the entire runway, it arrives in battle when everyone is already dead or when you are the last to die. is impractical.


You know what? I actually agree with this as an allied player. TT 262 should be 6.7-7.0, and the squadron should stay at 7.3 bc it has extreme firepower. If there is a 262 equal to or better than the squadron one lmk I’m curious. To be fair tho it can out turn f84 which is a solid 25% of all jets you will face because it’s in so many tech trees and so many ppl play USA.


The Me-262s just kinda suck. They have no acceleration, inconsistent guns, are very easy to cripple, and they turn like a brick.

An F-80 just clubs them so easily and you have to either 3rd party everything for kills, or hope your opponent makes a stupid mistake.

The TT ones should be 6.7, with the rocket ones being 7.0 and 7.7.


262s have always been overtiered.


I think most of the 262s are decently balanced. Just the basic 262A should be 6.7.

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I don’t know about the other Me-262s, but the first one in the tree, can currently only be used as a support fighter or fighter-bomber with missiles.
It will definitely not be the main fighter in the battle…

He meets planes from the Korean War era and they outclass them all.
There was a big discussion about it on the old forum some time ago, with the fact that it can’t be properly balanced.
The British tree is missing the Meteor FMk.I and you are missing the American P-80 A1 tree.
Other nations have nothing to offer…
Unfortunately, the fact that a machine was a legend in real life does not mean that it will be good here in the game.


and we got to the point I wanted. Since they can’t balance it based on the characteristics of the unit, let’s go by the time, but looks like they see the jet, and they think: “wow, lets put he with other jets…”

I agree with putting a prototype against more modern vehicles, like they did with the Maus, but putting a plane that historically faced a P51 and putting them against an F89 is totally meaningless.

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Me 262U4 / Me 262U1 (no airspawn) - 6.3.
Me 262A1 / Me 262A1 JaBo (no airspawn) / Me 262A2 - 6.7.
Me 262C1 - 7.0.
Me 262C2 - 7.3.

In SB they all should be 6.3. It´s impossible to hit these 30mm guns unless you are 100m away and the bandit is going straight. Forget about gunnery in a turn fight.

Say what you want, but these planes are just plain overtiered currently and have been for years.
I am saving my money to buy the Me 262A2 once it hits like 50-55GJN since it´s the only one correctly placed.


The only problem with putting WW2 jets at their proper tier is the balance of bombers in ARB. Props would fight them just fine, but they’d have impunity against the bombers.

Yesterday I discovered a Lufwaffe instructional film from 1944…

There is some interesting information…

  • approach to landing at a speed of 240 km/h
  • convergence for Mk 108 guns set to 800 meters
  • very slow throttle addition before the turbine reaches 6000 rpm

Otherwise, it is purely an instructional film for pilots…


All the Me 262’s are overtiered.

Their based upon cannon strength which nothing to do with how they fly.

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Awesome video, sad ur convergence can pass 10 meters

I kinda feel the same, even though I’m no expert on planes or jets.

I just recently unlocked the Su-9 and both Mig-9s.

However I can say that the first Mig-9 is definitely overtiered.
It just has so much less power at the same 7.3 BR.
When I unlocked the Mig-9(l) I got the same amount of kills as the first Mig-9 in 6 battles compared to 12 battles.

So it seems like the first Mig-9 was kinda forgotten.

Also kind of a joke that the same Me 262, basically copy & pasted, just with bombs, gets an air spawn when while the other one doesn’t.

the Jabo is practically better than the A1a, airspawn and you get to have min 11 mins of fuel. Which means you can dogfight a little bit better. Sad that it got put separate from the fighter line. I always recommended newbies to get the Jabo instead of the A1a for a better experience.

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These planes are quite challenging to play…

If they have top propeller planes against them, then a lot of players start a dogfight, lose speed and in the end the propeller planes are victorious…

If they have jets from the Korean War period against them, they are weak in speed and are also defeated…

You can play Boom and Zoom or Boom and Run with them, if there are better machines against them, then they can only be functional as support planes, from the second wave…
Cannons, that’s a separate chapter … they are mostly effective up to 300 meters …

It was in reality, a hunter-bomber and they did not operate alone, they also had Doras 190 or 109 Gustav and Kürfurst propellers…

The Luftwaffe war pilots who survived the war concluded over time that the Schwalbe was an excellent aircraft, but only a few experienced pilots knew how to use it properly … flight training towards the end of the war was already weak and experience was gained thanks to those pilots who managed to survive what the largest number of fights …

This is the type of plane you play purely for the challenge.

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Yeah let’s put it at a BR bracket where almost everyone is going to struggle to kill it surely that makes logical sense. 100% the only reason we destroyed them in WW2 was because we were bombing them, strafing them as they were getting ready to land. Surely this wasn’t the main reason why they were destroyed.

every single vehicle that I have a play till a get elite, but this same pain im having with the 262 is the same of the P108 A

Ground US player here, sure lets put Me 262 with their jet engine against my 40mmBofors that shoot 120 rounds every minute. Ah yes also please blame me because my skill issue?

Jokes aside, I also think US should get BR 5.3-6.7 anti-air vehicle if Me-262 get downtiered. Otherwise I don’t think it’s fair for the US that almost exclusively against Germany.

Well, 262 in the history saw more 40mm Bofors cannons than air-to-air guided missiles so…

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