Me 262 in its proper tier

I mean like give US real machine gun anti-air vehicle like Praga -ish and tracer so we can aim more accurately? Even if the vehicle is prototype or something? So there is no void between 4.3 to 7.7 lmao



See if you compare versus USA of course it is an issue, most other nations feel the same with their non-export from USA vehicles.

Stock Spitfire 24 was NOT fun (stock). Sadly I quit before spading all my early jets of Germany (unlocked all, but not spaded) but I suppose it saved me from further suffering.

Planes are not balanced by GFRB “performance”. It would be a tiny sample size too compared to ARB.

Well, the opinion of RAF captain and test pilot, Eric “Winkle” Brown, speaks for itself…
" This machine was never supposed to be used for dog fighting, it was a machine designed to destroy bombers - an aerial destroyer … and only for experienced pilots…"

He stated the lack of air brakes as a significant drawback…
Too fast approach to the target, too short time to aim the target and shoot (max 2 sec) …

Well, and the rather strange cannon Mk 108 …
Light, cheap when it hits the target, so very effective, but with a trade-off - the high cadence of the cannon due to the short barrel and light self-loading mechanism against the low muzzle velocity and rapidly falling ballistic curve …
Mk 108 - 590 m/s
Mk 103 - 860 m/s
MG 151/20 - 800 m/s

For other versions, the front slots on the edge of the wings helped a lot, improving maneuverability and the ability to perform tight turns by 35% …

So the A-1a is a machine that achieved both anti-air and anti-ground successes …
But in the game he hunts ground Ai machines, sometimes he gets to shoot down a plane, but in general, more modern jets from the Korean War era are faster everywhere…

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The problem with putting WW2 jets at their proper BR range is their balance against bombers.

They would make bombing impossible, some people still wanna experience flying a B-24.

Planes are not balanced by GFRB “performance”.

Which they should be

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Should be separately, yes.

Well, something very very missing in the 262 of the game

Bombing is already pretty bad, and it’s pretty clear that Air RB is meant for fighter gameplay above all else. I don’t mean to dismiss the problems bombers have, but I’d rather bombers at those BRs have a harder time than the 262s, which are largely necessary to use for grinding and unavoidable in any case, compared to bombers that the vast majority of Air RB players probably don’t care to grind.

Honestly, I’ve considered that there should be a separate game mode of some kind where fighters have to escort bombers to a target or something. Could be longer matches, closer to 30 minutes perhaps, don’t really know if the bombers should be players or not, but certainly the escorts.

Even better, make an Air RB EC and maybe get rid of the player name highlights on enemy aircraft for it. Would make spotting bombers a challenge and give an alternative both to Sim and the team deathmatch that is Air RB as of now.

It wouldn’t be a “harder time”.

262s have air spawn, it would be impossible to play as a bomber at the BR they’re found

Many times suggested Gaijin has failed to implement.

I’ll take that under advisement.

At least a few people above were mentioning that this change to 6.7 would also come with the removal of the airspawn, which was the assumption I was working under. The bombers still would be at risk, but probably not significantly more than they are from, say, the Ta 152 C-3 or He 162.

I believe the MV of the Mk 108 is 500 m/s.

Probably an error turning 490m/s into 590m/s.

The B-29 and Tu-4 exist, they still have to deal with jets

262 is definitely in a bad place, honestly, it (most versions) should be at 6.7 or lower with the Aira-Comet. Reason be, the Me-262 (A1-a) has higher top end speed, but lower maneuverability, and vice versa for the airacomet, honestly speaking, the airacomet should proably be a bit higher. Now, if they have the Me-262 some A/A capabilities, like the hand guided Rhurschtall X-4, it might change my mind.

So in the game it looks completely different than how it was in the past, in real life…
In the game ( ARB ) you meet Thunderjets, Shooting Stars, Su-9/11, Skyknigts, Banshees and B-29 /Tu-4…

262 in real life, met with il-2, Yak-9, La-7, P-51D, P-47, Mosquitos, Tempesty, B-17/24…

So the dominance of the Schwalbes, here it was…
From what I found out, night and daily bombers usually flew at an altitude of 4-7 km.

In addition to the German planes for direct attack on the bombers, there were also other reconnaissance planes in the air, which were in the air over the North Sea, Holland, Belgium and informed the operational staffs of the Luftwaffe in which direction, at what height, at what speed, in what number the boxes were approaching Allied bombers…
So direct attack aircraft were guided by ground stations to pre-calculated areas and the Schwalbes usually climbed to altitude and then attacked with a slight dive to gain speed.

They called it “roller coaster attack”

… A rollercoaster attack was devised, the Me 262s approached from astern and about 1,800 m (5,900 ft) higher than the bombers. From about five km (3.1 mi) behind, they transitioned into a shallow dive that took them past the escort fighters with little risk of interception. When about 1.5 km (0.93 mi) astern and 450 m (1,480 ft) below the bombers, they pitched sharply to reduce speed. When they leveled off, they were 1 km (1,100 yd) behind and overtaking the bombers at about 150 km/h (90 mph) in a good position to attack them…

This is not possible in the game, in the game the Me 262 is almost always the aircraft that pulls the short tightrope…

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Everywhere it is presented a little differently…
I would say it is somewhere between 500-550 m/s

The current F-80A was a few years back a P-80, it was basically the version you wanted but GJ decided at some point to drastically improve its engine to Korean War specs, leave it at the same BR and just rename it.

The problem with the 262 is from what I get is that on one hand its acceleration is far beyond historical accurate as ingame the jet runways are around 3km in length (correct me if I´m wrong), in testflight the 262 with minimal fuel takes half the runway to get to around 250kph to take off, which would equate to a 1,5km takeoff at a weight of 4,8t

Now in this video from the Houston Airshow at the Lone Star Flight Museum, the pilot stands at the tip of the 35 on the inner runway and takes off before the last stripe of the landingzone. This measures around 750ish meters. Even if it is a replica that has a bit more power it is still somewhat off in regards to the ingame 262 A-1 that even is a bit spiced up in terms of power (8,92kN rather 8,83). So the only thing that I could think of is that it has more weight or drag attributed to it than it actually had. Admittedly its just from reading the specs of RL 262 and ingame that I somehow have the itch that something feels off but I cant put my finger on it. Its basically game instinct that says something is off.


It would be absolutely useless. It would be only useful against bombers. The ground variant Ruhrstahl X7 could be usefull though. But it has only 360 kph and 1.2km range.
The X4 (anti air) could work on the Fw190

Weapons like the fritz X and the japanese event bomber thing are gimmick weapons. Cool to see ingame and to have fun but most of the time bombs or torpedos are more useful

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