MBT' reload

I don’t understand why all 120mm top tier tank have the same reload (7.8 at lvl 0 crew) this isn’t normal but that may be acceptable but Char Leclerc should have 5s reload in Emergency situation (in the game we are in emergency). Type 10 is at 4s reload, why Leclerc can’t have it ? Even with like first 10shells with 5s it can be usefull.

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6 seconds is fine we need the fuel tanks remodeled to not be coded to explode ~90% chance and be given the OFL 120 F2 so we have a round on par with other NATO nations

IRL 6 seconds is the set time for safety, 5 seconds is “possible” like how you can fly a plane so fast your engine burns up

It would be interesting to see a feature for auto loaders where you can choose to fire faster yet your gun has a % chance to malfunction and require repair but it’s really not necessary

6 seconds is the “best possible” for max aced trained crews and they lose that number if their loader is shot, only the Chally beats it and their penetration isn’t capable of being better. Adding a system allowing faster reloads than what is mechanically safe would mean the Russian autoloaders get it to and I don’t really wanna see them buffed.