Mbombe-8 (57)

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During June 2016 the South African based company Paramount Group unveiled the Mbombe 8 multirole IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) for the first time. The Mbombe 8 was created due to an increasing demand for multirole mine resistant vehicles suitable for the modern-day battlefield. The Mbombe 8 IFV is based on the Mbombe 6 AFV from Paramount, but it features better protection for the crew, larger weapons mounts and increased off road mobility. The Mbombe 8 IFV can be fitted with a dual feed 30mm remote turret or the AU-220M turret which features a 57mm cannon. For this forum post we will be focusing on the Mbombe 8 equipped with the AU-220M turret. The Mbombe 8 can be used in a support role, by using its mobility to get into strategic positions overlooking the map or capture zones. Once a target has been engaged the Mbombe 8 can then use its mobility to relocate before engaging another target. The Mbombe 8 can engage both land and air targets and can be implemented in the South African sub tree or alternatively as a squadron, premium or event vehicle.




Main Armament: one 57mm

Secondary Armament: one 7.62mm

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, radio operator)

Combat weight: 24t

Engine: Six Cylinder Turbo Diesel

Horsepower: 450hp

Gearbox: Six-speed automatic

Top Speed: 110 km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes

Smoke grenades: four on each side

Laser Warning: Yes


Primary sources

Paramount Group, Mbombe 8 brochure: https://www.paramountgroup.com/media/1348/paramount-mbombe-8-no-turret.pdf

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Secondary sources

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I Hope this 57mm have some Anti-CAS shells


The turret and gun system are identical to the ones on the 2S38, so yes.


Uhuhuhuhu…😏. Good…good


Then we need it at 10.0 as well lol +1

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I only play south african tanks in the uk tree even with the gripen.

We desperately need the:
Mbombe-8 (57) (30) etc
Rooikat (Predator)
Rooikat (35 ZT3)
Rooikat (35 command)
Bismark with (olifant mk 2 turret)
They really need to add the Rooikat HVM
Olifant mk 1 with mine plow


We need a separate ZA TT cause we have more vehicles than Israel and we can go all the way from 1930s to 2000s from biplanes and M3A1s to Fox 3 wielders and wheeled 2S38s

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Can we get this forum passed

I’d prefer the Mbombe 6 over the 30mm Mbombe 8 just cause it’s a bit more unique

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Can someone get a similar image with a Leo 2A7 and SEP V2 for comparing sizes

+1 absolute favorite vehicle of mine, didnt see it was suggested until now

+1 bump

+1 Very nice