Maybe F-20 can carry 4 radar guided missiles at the same time

I found a video from youtube, it takes double amount of radar guided missiles than now in War Thunder.

Can anyone verify it? If it can be written as an issue, I would be grateful about that.

Link below:
F-20 Tigershark Aircraft Sales Film (

Looking at the fins, arent those amraams?

Wouldnt sparrows have issues with double rack like that?

The missiles are pure white and have no markings which implies they are dummies. There’s also no shots of them being carried in the air.

As it’s a Northrop sales film it falls in to the same category of what you see at airshows where the manufacturer is saying ‘look what could be carried in theory’ rather than what 'Can be carried in reality '. Until it’s tested it will remain just a mockup.

Overall it doesn’t fit the minimal criteria of what is considered to be a real life loadout.

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AFAIK AMRAAMs were planned to be added to the F-20, unfortunately nobody bought the F-20, not even for trials so the project was cancelled before AiM-120 were ready