Mavericks TV vs Infra-red

There are two mavericks in War Thunder, guided by infrared and TV. The Swedish Gripen C will only come with TV-guided mevericks. What is the advantage and disadvantage of one over the other. Will the infrared be accusing it of laser, for example the T-90 and the TV not? Furthermore, I notice that the infrared one tends to go in the direction of the biggest heat source, tanks on fire and this gets in the way. Does the TV guide have this problem? It’s difficult to find this information on War Thunder and most YouTubers don’t talk about these things.

Unless you’re in a night game I don’t think it will matter much since you have a Targeting Pod.

No, they both use optical contrast locks just one uses the IR Spectrum.

Yeah they both get confused and will try to lock different targets if they’re in the Seekers FoV.


The IR have a better seeking ability which allows for further locks. Plus, you can switch to a thermals view which can help find targets.

Other than that, they will act the same. Wrecks act as magnets for the seekers for some reason so avoid firing at tanks near them.

I believe that the swedish mavericks also use the AGM-65A seeker, so the lock range on them is around 3-4km at most. The upcoming RB75T is purely a warhead improvement AFAIK.

For general purposes, the IR seeker is going to be better, as it can track targets farther away compared to a TV seeker. Also, there is the added functionality that IR seekers can be used at night but that is not really advantageous as you can just toggle that off.

The biggest gameplay difference is their usage without a targeting pod. The AGM-65A/B feature a sight that is very zoomed in, but cannot zoom out. On the other hand, IR mavericks allow you to use a thermal sight at the cost of zoom.

Both types of guidance is based on contrast AFAIK, which means that if a different target goes in front of the target you initially launched at, it will switch to the newer target as it cannot differentiate between them. This means that you can use stuff like dead teammates/enemies to tank the missiles by just driving behind it.

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That is what it appears to be. But the new warhead is very good which is nice to see.

It should allow it to one shot vehicles most of the time now which is nice but the seeker is still the A which is its biggest letdown. Guided bombs will probably be the better option as an all rounder while it will be best to use the 75T for SEAD purposes as you will have to launch it in POINT than TRACK.

The guided bombs have grown on me but i dont like how you have to keep the target painted the whole time. Plus the target will get unlocked half the time i switch views which is annoying.

The new warhead should be able to take out light targets on near misses. Should be decent for anti-spaa duty.

TV is way too reliable ingame

TV- guidance, generally speaking, is worse than IR tracking. IR “light” is heat coming off of an object, so too much IR signature (like one created by the SHORTA aps system) causes it to lose a proper track. Compared to TV guidance, which uses and optical tracking system, so it’s not going to work if even as much as a cloud gets in the way, let alone smoke or some other form of blockage. Laser Guidance is the way to go, sadly these don’t have any. The TV isn’t per-say bad, because nothing can “defeat” it other than a cloud or smoke grenades, it just has drawbacks over IR, and IR has a million drawbacks from Laser Guidance.

I’ve not heard of the RB-75T, only the RB-75, so I don’t know if it’s a AGM-65B or C, or just an A model, but the RB-75 is the A, so I’d assume it’s not an A model Maverick. If it is a B or C model, it will finally have zoom effect added to the seeker.

From my quick google search, the 75t is a 75 with a different warhead. So the A seeker. Rip

“The way you all criticized the TV missile has made me feel discouraged now, haha. If it has that 3-4km blocking limitation, that’s terrible. You can’t kill anything; I would practically have to ‘kiss’ the Pantsir.”

Thats because gaijin may have made this gripen carry the late 90’s equipment which replaced the original RB75T with new AGM’s and such. Now if it doesnt let you fire past 3km then this new addition arrived too late for sweden. Rb75T’s are a feature of both strike viggen and the gripen A yet gaijin never added them. It wouldnt suprise me if gaijin just made it a agm 65G with a different seeker from ir to TV but id need to test it.

In this case that shouldn’t be the case. The IIR seeker works in a different IR band compared to the Shtora, which more effects short to medium wave IR and not long wave (what most if not all FLIR systems use). So not even that, TV is just in all ways worse than IIR.

Also from what I can see in the gamefiles at this moment, the RB-75T looks to have the seeker of the AGM-65B (30x fixed zoom, ~6km tracking range) , even though that really shouldn’t be the case. However, I do not care as having only the seeker of a 65A would massively suck at toptier. The B’s seeker is at least somewhat serviceable, especially since you still get the nice Litening II pod.

So what you’re saying is what weve all known since we saw a tv seeker. Its a agm that shouldve been here with the Aj 37 and the gripen shouldve gotten a decent ground loadout. Guess its back to using bombs since the agms are still shit.

They might have some use over the GBU-12/16, depends a bit from what range you use them. If you’re an avid bomb tosser though, yeah the RB-75T won’t do any better until you get to ~6km or less from your targets.

GBU-24s will definitely stay superior here with the IOG + SALH combo.

Remember that that is the TRACK range. You can launch the missile safely from much further using POINT (which means that the missile will fly to that ground location instead of tracking a vehicle). The missile can be easily defeated if the opponent just moves, but its certainly workable.

I do that with the aj 168. Lets me hit strellas because they never seem to notice the huge smoke trail heading towards them