Matchmaking is Very Badly Broken Still

What is going on with the matchmaking???
Does matchmaking actually exist or is it a “MYTH”???
If matchmaking is real, then it is not fit for purpose.

See Picture.

I know I’m not a top player, so I dont need the kids and imature idiots saying “man, you suck”, “you got no skill”, only idiots and kids like boasting.

I’m nowhere near very good but i’m not bad either. I am not the sole player that causes the team to lose which means the match making does “NOT” work. 12 games played and only 2 wins. You either beat the enemy badly or they badly beat you. There is no eveness at all.

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The MM only matches up players based upon BR of vehicles in lineups. It does nothing about player ability or performance (the problem here) . Nor can it promise you a win, because when you have a bad game, someone else has a good one. So from Gaijin’s perspective, it comes out even and there isn’t a problem.


Since the New Update it ignores even the br cap. I get with my 11.3 Lineup in AAB uptiered to 12.7 and thats the case in like 80% of the Matches where i get devastated from the top Tier missiles.

My longest losing streak was 21 battles in a row. Be happy … could be worse ^^

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