Marketing System for Console Players

I think we need to add a trading system for Playstation players and Xbox players. It’s not fair how computer players get more access to warthunder unlike PlayStation players and Xbox players so why not give us a crossplay trading system. It gives both console platforms the ability to trade just like people do on computers.


Hello, I’ve speaked a lot about this. I never get an answer. I even made a suggestion on the old forum for some alternativ.

We need the ability to buy the old stuff like others… Vehicles, decal, camo…


That’s facts right there some platforms don’t get access to warthunder like that but some can?
as if that’s fair…

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It’s not fair.
It’s also not Gaijin’s fault that both platforms have difficult publishing rules.
Each of those mentioned platforms would require a unique system and I suppose development priorities don’t allow space for it.
Having said that, I’d love to see it myself. I would really like to get my hands on the BI or P-59 and I’m on Xbox…

Also a big chance that exchanging goods in any form is outright banned by either platform. They could make an approximate system though where you buy it from an unlimited supply pool at PC market rates in Golden Eagles or something.

I doubt we’ll get anything like that though but always good to keep bringing to light that we want it.


True hopefully it gets brought up more often.


Anyone else agree or disagree?

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Sony and Microsoft disagree.


Well i’m pretty sure sony can make a acception.

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Yes console players need and deserve this. This should honestly have been in their roadmap for improving the game for the players.


The entire Ultimate Team universe in EA Sports games is built on exchanging goods in their auction house. A ton of other games have flushed out trade/exchange system, i.e., Rocket League.

The lack of a viable console specific marketplace/auction house in War Thunder is due to Gaijin not Sony or Microsoft.


Alright well thats good to know so there is hope left.

Gaijin, pls gib marketplace. I wanna buy overpriced vehicles from past events like the BI and P-59. Been itching to fly them.

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Gaijin could easily make a dedicated system for our consoles.

Do you remember the Warbonds trophies ? For a specific amount of Warbonds we could recover small premiums from some past operations.

So why not this kind of system for the oldest I-III tier premiums ?

Simple and effective

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That’s what i’m saying like just come on gaijin

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Star Trek Online is another free to play game that also has a full market system for the exchange of goods between players on console. And they are premium content as well from paid lock boxes etc.

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I want to reply to all console sufferers once and for all!

Of course Gaijin would bring market to every WT player if it would profitably for the Snail company.
Both XBox and P*ay Station share same 30% tax fee and enclosed set of rules.
You can follow the trail through discounts, when PC having similar/adequate time dates on the Gaijin Store and Steam but not on Suffering platforms. The platform vendor dictates all activities on their platform, not games developers.

Now ask yourselves - do you really want to have 30% (gaijin) market fee on top of existing 20% which summ ups into ridiculous 50% every time you going to sell something???

Remark: Im not defending evil snail. Literally every wt player would benefit from accessible market so there would be more grinded vehicles on sell and more orders to buy. Unfortunately consoles were never about freedom nor diversity.

Conclusion: Go terrorize platform owners to soften demands towards your favorite game.

Feel free to hate me for the salty truth and will pray for market appearance on all platforms.
Sanity to us all.

Listen to Int Main()

Programmers always know what they’re talking about.

Do you have any documentation to reinforce the fee/term schedule you outline here?

As I understand it, speaking specifically to Sony, fiat currencies purchased for self contained, in-game economies and marketplace eco-systems are “taxed” once by Sony at purchase (e.g. GE currently in the Sony Store). How a developer opts to ‘tax’ or any ‘rake’ they implement for trades/auctions/loot crates for purposes of profit or balancing the fiat in-game economy thereafter is no longer applicable to Sony.

The overarching policy is that every in-game fiat currency CAN NOT be withdrawn or converted to cash and must be closed-off for transfer to avoid issues associated money laundering or escheat and securities fraud.

While policies vary widely by country, I’ve never seen anything to suggest that in-game marketplaces transactions are repeatedly ‘taxed’ by Sony. Using your example, that would mean if someone were to purchase 1000 GE from the Playstation store for $6.49 USD, Sony takes their (negotiated) cut on the initial transaction (true) and then every time those GE are spent in-game thereafter? This is unequivocal false.

In reality, it would work the same way it does in other games. You introduce a separate fiat currency that is platform specific—let’s call them PS Snail Coins. They function the same way as Gaijin Coins do. If you unlock a plane from an Event and want to sell it for 50 PS Snail Coins on the in-game marketplace available to other Playstation players you can do so. If someone wants to buy 50 Snail Coins from the Playstation store for $X USD they can do so—and Sony takes their cut. If Gaijin wants to take 10% of those PS Snail Coins in the transaction, so be it, but Sony is no longer associated with this transaction. Gaijin determines that fee—not the platform owner.

Taking this a step further, a percentage of each marketplace transaction would also go to content creators for their camos/skins et al, just as it does in the PC ecosystem. This allows a path forward to right what is an absolutely appalling (and quite honestly embarrassing) loot crate/trophy exchange system on console.

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gCoin is tight to USD in 1 to 1 ratio.
@thefoxiscunning, you mean that gaijin could sell 1 coin for 1.42$ on consoles? - Sounds like new milestone for tears of suffer from gamepad gamers.

Whatever the actual reason for gaijin not to bring the marketplace on consoles - they are unsatisfactory terms (business will not bring profit or limited control of the market).
Also Sony and XBox might not be glad from fraud moves gaijin performing on their own market, but that another topic.

I’m lost, why would Gaijin Coin on consoles be $1.42? The price of GE on consoles is the same as it is on the Gaijin website. What am I missing?