Marketing System for Console Players

Again, I’m lost. EA, one of the largest game developers/publishers in the world has active marketplaces in their games that are system/console specific. EPIC, another ‘not small’ developer allows trading and exchanging of in game loot items/fiat currency (purchasable via the PS Store) within platform specific ecosystems.

What fraudulent activity exists in the Gaijin marketplace that doesn’t in either of the aforementioned in-game market exchanges?

Gaijin wants money, they would if they could, it isnt that simple

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go talk to sony and microsoft, they’re the one restricting your access to market

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Looks like prices are same for USD, but can be cheaper in gaijin store for other currencies.

According to prices in Hryvnas for 150 Golden Chickens are: 34(PSstore) x 0.7 == 23.8 which is close to 25UAH in SnailStore. XBoxStore is 36+UAH currently (no prices in Hryvnas there)

It will probably never happen with the falling US and Russian coin anyways. Plus you need those companies on it, too. All those companies are US, they dont want to intervene anyways. Never have, never will; another thing is to look at current world stuffs, this wouldn’t be the time anyways. Most of the player base is PC anyways. The ruble is worth almost nothing to the dollar, even tho they both took a hit, the ruble is wayyyyy down. It is a company… they are not going to take risks, EVER

Link? Source?

Man you are so annoying to constantly ask for link/source for each argument. You won’t find any of this stuff because it is all private and individual for each case.
Best thing you can do is to hear to other opinions:

I find it fascinating that asking for even the smallest evidence or citation to any of the wild assumptions you’ve made is annoying. Meanwhile I’ve shown multiple examples and comps of existing marketplaces for large console games existing despite all of the reasons you say they shouldn’t or can’t.

Then you go and totally outdo yourself by linking to a…EuropeanCanadian video as to our source.

Now it all makes sense.

I don’t think you realize you’re making my point for me. If Gaijin wants to tie a ‘market coin’ on console to $1 USD they make it $1 USD, regardless of exchange rate. Isn’t this how Gaijin coins currently work on PC?

You have problems with the oldest WT players? See you have any with following other in herd, baa-baa :)

On PC gaijin has no taxing so probably the Market financial model based on this fact and additional fees would make it unprofitable.

I asked Sony Playstation support and this was the answer I got.


Can’t believe my eyes, I was 100% sure that big company will expose itself with detailed info on this case. So Sony is the good one in this market-war (sarcasm)

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so basically its just gaijin not wanting to give us a marketing system?

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You have a short visit to Sony and Microsoft, if they allow developers to introduce an independent shop to the game without commission, and that’s what the market is like, Sony will lose $$, and if there is a commission, it’s not worth it, it used to be possible to watch vehicles on ps4 there is no such thing from the market on consoles now, because Sony got sad and started threatening gaijn, they withdrew from everything, do the same as me, open the window, throw away the ps4 and buy a pc, write to the admin about transferring the account to pc and after the problem, otherwise you can’t solve it.


So what you’re saying is Gaijin will take 100% of nothing as opposed to a large percentage of something just to give Sony and Microsoft a middle finger? I don’t see how it could cost them anything at all since market vehicles are all from previous events, they already made it, any purchases after the fact is just pure profit.


One thing to answer : Crossout PS5 Market (from Gaijin)




I agree with this i play with people that can buy thanks on PC and i cannot

This really needs to be added.