Maps SHOULD NOT have good and bad sides

Probably 80% of maps in this game heavily favor one side by default or add conditions that favor one side (sunrise/sunset for example). I think it goes without saying that it makes for absolutely horrible and unfun gameplay when one side gets hulldown cover into the other side’s spawn (Maginot Line, Middle East, Ardennes, Hurtgen Forest, Poland/Fields, Fields of Normandy, Second Battle of El Alamein, Aral Sea, Flanders, Mozdok, Carpathians) or gets incredibly good sniping positions that the other side doesn’t (Maginot Line, Ardennes, Middle East, Pradesh, El Alamein, Fulda, Finland, Carpathians).
Obviously Gaijin won’t just remove those maps and they’re clearly unwilling to actually fix the issues with them, since they “fixed” Carpathians without actually removing any of the spawncamping positions on the A cap. A bandaid fix could be to completely disable sunrise/sunset or align all spawns north-south instead of east-west to stop the sun from screwing one team over. Over time they could even hire actual map designers who know what they’re doing to fix the current maps and create new maps that don’t have any of these issues.


I actually forgot to mention the worst offender, Eastern Europe. The western team has multiple spots that overlook the eastern spawn, the C and B caps, and the entire north half of the map (which is itself full of spots to spawncamp from)

They don’t have good or bad sides.
They have easier tactic sides, which is just going to be inherent.

As much as i would love balanced sides, the only way that could happen is for them to make half a map then mirror it. I would find that pretty boring.

“They don’t have good or bad sides. One side of the map is simply worse and the other is better.”


Harder to learn, such as A side for Sinai; harder to learn, but is a valid tactic.

You’re talking about a side of the map with harder to learn but still valid tactics, which is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about maps where one side gets hulldown cover into the other side’s spawn or some other advantage.

I’ve seen A point on Carpathians get flipped upward of 3 times in a match because people just didn’t blindly move toward A but instead shot back.
“But much spawn camp!”
There are two spanws, and the “spawncamp” spawn has more cover than the one that doesn’t get “spawncamped”.

So yeah, no map really fits your criteria.
And all the maps you listed have cover from spawn to spawn.

One side is easier to play, I have had nukes going there camping the enemy spawn, the Chieftain MK10 had two and T34 had one, both times the enemy failed to occupy the e5 zone which is a spot that could reliably taking us out, and one time I got bombed by CAS then spawn the nuke plane.


G8 has a good advantage point by the windmills

@everyone would like to see more talk on map tactics

Really??? you can easily avoid that sniper alley just advancing behind the buidings or using the other side.
Gaijin are removing most fo the sniper zones or completely runing maps like Sands of Sinai or Mozdok just bcuase new players idots jsut frontally charge in every map.

I found that the maps favour russian tanks due to placement of crew on 1 side and always having the sun on there back

Based on my experience players with their second spawn will always use the death route (mark in red skulls), unless they manage to sneak into the h6 zone to flank, try to sit there hull down, and see how many free foods enter that alley and walking right into your mouth lol you will even accidentally hit someone with spawn protection and reveal your position.

The better idea than whatever Dti is saying is putting all 3 spawns onto even grounds so that no spawn is near one spawn.

Since it would mean there won’t be any cases of your team fighting a bunch of players driving out of their spawn cause the point is near by.
It would simply be even placing a larger emphasis on defending rather than constant offensives.

They also shouldn’t be flat plains with no cover or city maps where tanks designed for long range fighting just can’t.

thats true however always have two people here
gghv defe

also covers g6/7 on the grid too which prevents a left side spawn camp

however not all those maps have a advantage like that

I am surprised you didn’t mention firing arc.

In any case, WT is a super casual game. It doesn’t really matter that maps are imbalanced. And trying to make them too symmetrical can make them bland.

The solution here is simply to not go down that alley. Which may be a difficult concept for most WT with room-temperature IQ to comprehend I know.

Yeah and the Coriolis effect and the gravitational pull of the moon and the position of Saturn in relation to Venus.