Map sizes are too large

I shouldn’t need to have to hold W for more than two seconds before I can start shooting at an enemy.
Also all the stupid flanking routes and sniping spots should be removed so that all enemies are directly in front of me and I don’t need to worry about anything while I W max.
There should also be more one capture point maps to make people brawl and play the objective.
Tired of the NATO pandering with extremely large 2km*1km maps.


I’m… actually not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not. In the former case: well done, Sir. In the latter case: oh HELL no.


I think that 2 seconds is too much. It should be instant.


Yea if anything i feel we have too small maps in most cases, and with the recent map changes making CQB maps EVEN SMALLER!


Better tell Gaijin about the sarcasm, I wouldn’t be surprised if they used threads like these to justify changes.


First to spawn in and press the fire button wins

(AKA, like Naval)


Stupid kid things arcade shooter,… while the game is realism based?

For telling it differently → maps are too small, because guns at

rank3 are able to destroy tanks at 3km away
Rank 5+ → can destroy tanks up to 5 km away

Those are Effective In Real Life ranges,… (rounded up of course)


Agree. On some maps you not only have to look left and right, but sometimes even UP!

Please continue with these brilliant map changes. Further improvements would be regenerating health, x-ray vision and magic spawn invulnerability forts.


Its called Naval. You can shoot players the second the match starts.


The current maps already offer little time to get into a proper position as a slower tank. Even smaller maps would probably make them obsolete.
Well, the main thing is fast action and getting killed 4 times in 3 minutes …

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Maximum effective distance =/= minimum effective distance.
People forget that minimum tank engagement distances is still 10 meters.
And we have maps that range from 1x1 to 4x4.
Though the 1x1 is rare to impossible to get at top BR.
I miss Karelia at 11.7.

Welcome to the Goldilocks map discussion

Maximum distances aren’t those i just displayed,…

For exemple, we had some years ago, an IS-2 shooting an aircraft at 12km+ while he was on his airfield to reload (it was displayed in a Thundershow video, but good luck to found it now)

So,… i’m not even Bringing in the MAXIMUM range of those guns,… but EFFECTIVE ranges,… quite a difference actually.

They should just add mixed spawn zones, which both teams can use.


I’ve just got this brilliant new map idea. So, imaing a flat 500m x 500m area, and put 2 spawns on opposite corners. No hills because those are a disadvantage to Russian tanks, and no buildings because this is a field. (/j btw)

But actually, most of the maps ingame are not good or well designed. The worst is that one tiny single cap version of Ardennes. It is by far the worst map ingame, and it’s available at all BRs, despite larger maps (small volo) being locked to 6.7 or 7.7.

A well designed small map (which is probably one of the best maps ingame imo) is Rhine. It allows for flanking and lots of places where you can hide, and flank enemy tanks.


Just need to put a large moveable ball in the middle of that map


No, learn to snipe instead of being a CQB noob.

maps are to small.
Modern MBT’s are built for fighting differences of kilometers, and even WW2 Tanks had average engagement distances of more than we have in game.

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Agree I want map that i can kill people right after spawn with flat map and no cover all i had to do is left click and kill people I don’t want to press W and move I don’t want to move mouse to aim I just want to press left click and kill people with single buttom good idea eh?

People who are ESOL, and many Europeans don’t get American humor/sarcasm. They taje what you say literally.