Map sizes are too large

@Casino_Knight. If you can’t handle realistic battles then you should stick in AB instead.

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Yeah I’m not sure that map is good at any BR. All it devolves to is hill-near-spawn to hill-near-spawn sniping and hoping your team kills the enemy faster than they kill you.

Um, go generalize a bit more maybe. I dare say Europeans get sarcasm better than Americans. I also dare say Europeans (and I’m one of them) are better at sarcasm than Americans. Mostly because a lot of us need to be able to understand and be sarcastic in multiple languages.

(Yes, that was a very underhanded tiny little jab right there)

War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. The only trouble players face on large maps is when the terrain has been modeled to be flat. Unless we’re fighting on a salt lake that is unrealistic of how terrain is IRL.


NATO pandering 💀

Advance of the Rhine and American Desert are the only good CQC maps in War Thunder, the rest are so poorly designed that I just quit and go play something else.

Breslau, Alaska, Sweden and Abandoned Town (by far the worst map in the game) should not be in top tier rotation, these maps offer nothing in terms of flanking or balance, and they always devolve into a confusing mess and knife fights.

I think the maps should be like aim_awp maps in CS.


Hey that’s pretty funny. Don’t take spawn camping too personal.

We should battle Gaijin again so they finally add good maps like this one :



I think we have too many small cqc maps. Especially in top tier. The vehicles are too fast and have too much range for those maps. I think the maps we have now are ok for low-mid tier and in some cases even too big, cough cough, fields of Poland, but for top tier I would like to see maps with mix of long range and cqc to allow players to play to their own play style.

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This map comes up twice, one regular one winter version. 3.7+ BR

Your picture is meant to be a meme but it’s Gaijin’s legitimate map design. Utterly unacceptable.


I think I accidentally stumbled on Gaijin’s plans for a new map design.


Play Air Arcade!

100 meters? That’s too big! Think of all the 14 year olds and console players who can’t use their brains 😓

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I mean, does WT players have patience for 2seconds? I kinda doubt it tho so mby just make it 1second?

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I speak 3 languages with enough knowledge to get by in a few more…/shrug. MY experience with Italians, French, Spanish, Greek, Austrians, Germans, Scots, English, Poles, Czechs…is they dont get it! I have a quick wit and interject a lot of subtle humor in conversations to see peoples reactions/response and they usually dont get it. Irish are the only ones so far to be a bit more open…which shocked me.

This entire post is low quality bait smh… People gotta try harder. And everyone that fell for it should know better my lord 🤣

wdym… i thought this was peak map design


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This isn’t even a meme anymore, it is literally become a reality



ikr… sad reality