Map rotation is completely destroyed


8 battles in the same map…

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What’s wrong with being literally locked in an urban maze several times in a row ?

turned off on the maps image where you can also like maps ?? So weird, at the moment I turned off maps started to work normally

maybe the game hates you :)

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do you realize that he quits because it’s the same map 8 of his 9 battles ??

Just ignore him. Is annoying this kind of people, in another topic one guy think this issue is created by sofware or drivers problems…

More people with the same issue.


Lets play today, first battle with UK 6.0. Cargo map, i really hate that clonical flat urban rat mazes maps ok i leave the battle and try with Soviets 8.3, Cargo again… Ok lets play France 5.0 Cargo… lets try again with USA, 6.3 Cargo…

I closed the game.


Yesterday I was watching a streamer while I played. He and I had exactly the same map ration for 1 hour. I was able to play maps that I hadn’t played for a long time and then this morning… Normandy 5 times in a row lol

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“You will either play rat mazes with vehicles that weren’t designed to perform in that environment, or you won’t play at all” - Gaijin


I rather get 20 big fulda in a row than bat sht cargo port one


The server works fine, you know a server hosts what you say. The problem is on the game code that for some reason … repeat maps/broke rotation ?

whatever, the problem is in the game It’s beyond imagination how WT can do this kind of super weird bugs

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my suspicion is that the mechanic for map rotation cant handle all the requests for map changes for battles, whenever so many people are doing battles. it simply reached its limits. so it starts up a queue, and puts you on hold. meaning you will be stuck witht he same map, until it finished all the requests and its your turn again for a map change.

add a redundant feature like “map likes and dislikes” that adds complexity to an already overburdened system, and you end up with this.


however, saying that your ISP is the root problem of the map rotation, while its a GAME feature. a GAME mechanic. thats just…i dont know what that forum moderator was attempting there. trying to sound smart? thinking i was just a 13 year old kid?

i mean. i know i was always able to call my isp and ask them to modify the BGP routing tables for me a couple times a month if i really needed a better ping. /s

its just rediculous they attempt to divert your attention from the real problem. that their map rotation is bad, is bugged, and need fixing.

just once, i want gaijin, and its employees. cause lets not forget, these forum moderators might be volunteers, but they are hired by gaijin to keep these forums clean.

just once, i want them to say “we recognize this problem, and we will look into it. it is indeed not normal that any player can experience this bug”

not “its your isp, suck it up”.

Somehow, this post was flagged as inappeopriate by internet trolls. Im sorry ive hurt your feelings sarcasm not withdrawn.


This isn’t a literal hamster connecting wires together. Any sorting or map matchmaking algorithm should be able to complete in literally microseconds. It’s a logical bug in the code, not “being overwhelmed” with a task that for a computer is the equivalent of blinking once all day.


It works well ( normal ) during events so I can’t believe its about player number ( I can be wrong ) Also it started few small updates ago, when re-introduced night battles, the game started to crash when leaving and the next update this

agree that the mod answer is not the best, but if you start the thread with “server problem” and server works as intended, then they give a prefab answer

since devs are russians, maybe not even mods know wth is going on or any news with the issue

I was beginning to theorize that the map is selected by the server for a set amount of time, maybe 30 minutes. I can see the benefit of repeating a map at least once to get a “rematch” scenario at least in your head, to try something different, win or lose. This can even have a benefit for happening 2 or 3 times in a row, but some maps don’t deserve this, especially 1 objective maps in my opinion. That being said it is nice to have a map repeat sometimes, so you can really learn it. I find transitioning into tier 3 difficult solely because the map pool changes drastically. A lot of long term players have a large leg up on various strategies due to map familiarity. Ultimately I think the issue comes down to map design. Some maps are objectively better designed than others, so when getting a repeat of a bad map occurs, it feels even worse than the normal monotonous feeling of it being a duplicate subsequent maps.


Another update today and no fix the destroed map rotation, one later i see exactly the same maps.

I was banned from forum for two days, sadly the bugs fix dont work so fast as the mode-ration.

You are stuck in the same maps for hours.

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