Map "Rotation" is and overstatement....and night maps still not active

because every single day i play the same handful of maps over and over again in high/toptier despite the fact there is at least the double amount of maps that are good for this BR. But i get the same maps over and over again and it kinda bores the heck out of me, furthermore it makes me realy angry when i have to play a single map i ealy dont like up to 3 or sometimes 4 times in a row with just switched the sides or objectives. For example i love fulda, happens , if, once a day on the other hand 10 times played sinai or mozdok and when you think ohh i got them all i dont like now its time for the other ones it rince^repeat!

Aswell night maps, wow new option to turn them on and since then not a single night map. I dont understand your move to limit certain maps and bombard with other maps. If you could just give us a choice every match at least between 3 maps like other games do, even i have to wait 15 or 30 seconds longer for a at least good gaming expirience. “but the majority likes this maps” yea but the majority are not the only players! at least 30% dont like them so much and like the others more and 50% are not happy with map rotation at all. please change this and give us some influence or choices. I play when i have time and this is not so much beside wife, kid and work so dont please waste my time with a forced map choice!

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The reimplementation of night maps has not been handled well. We still have the situation where you can enter a night map and be completely blind. There is no way of knowing before you enter the match if your vehicle has thermals or not. With so many vehicles in game it is not easy to remember the modification status of them all. The key reason why night maps were so disliked remains unchanged.

So rather than risking this situation, people simply disable night maps.


Same thing here i play some maps which i even disliked in map pool i feel like its rigged just to get you mad the other day they literally made me go insane i am not joking i played american desert 6 time 2 conquest 4 battles i died inside that day i played it once i was like ok then again i was a litle irritated then 3 time i alt f4 the game then i came back to 3 more of them thought of deleting game but i remember i would lost all keybinds so i come back its horrible right now and thats from last update before you could get 2-3 times same map in a day that would be okay but now everyday handful of maps just come again and again and they are not even separated they are coming in row and still not fixed this is definetly something thats not part of game hope they fix it soon before i become crazy :D


about ur keybindings u can click on “safe” (discette symbol) on the lower lft of the settings screen and chose a place on you HD ( i deleted the game quite often aswell already lol)

It changed! its much better rotation now! Thx!