Map rotation broken?

Is it just me or is the map rotation just completely bugged out rn like only playing one map till you ban it then and only then it switches and then stays on the new map?


I just played Sinai 3x in a row. Unfortunately I’ve used up my maximum hate/ban list of maps so I’m now stuck bailing whenever it gets into one of these constant same maps lineups.


Imagine leaving Sinai, one of the best maps ever made.

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My record is Vietnam 19 times in a row, then I banned it.


I enjoy it, but it does get tiresome over and over again, with the matchmaker throwing in a mode change to apparently spice things up.

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Is completely destroyed since years ago. The worst is Gaijin know that but dont care.

The map variety is a shell of what it used to be. Now its just Sinai, Vietnam, City, Pyrennes, and Golan Heights on repeat, its so boring.

I played some 6.7 the other day and I got Berlin on my first game and instantly had a much better time in a much worse aircraft than anything in the 10.0-12.0 range.

They need to put a good 95% of the maps back into rotation to actually have some variety. It would be awesome to get the GF Air Maps too.

I donr know what to do anymore i m going crazy


broken? its not broken. this is normal behavior. its programmed to be like this.

40+ maps to choose from? thats the real lie in this game.


we should gather up in the wt player union and sneak into the gaijin CEO office at night and assassinate the snail guy