Map design does not take in to account positioning for SPAA

Larger spawn detection zones and widened ends to the maps to provide maneuverer room for SPAA. The lack of development for 10 years in map design is a sign of stagnation. The developers responsible for it have consistently failed to take in to account the needs of vehicles playing the game.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about, there is no problems with map design in relation to SPAA

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SPAA is forced to hover near the spawn to prevent enemy flankers from killing them.

The spawn is a giant β€œKILL ME” sign for CAS as this is where most lower skilled SPAA players sit rather than repositioning.

Most maps do not allow positioning as an SPAA that both offers protection from flankers while also allowing maneuver room so that CAS does not easily spot you.

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Do you even know what the topic of the thread is?

This is one facet of CAS that should be, and is easily fixed. Remove the ability of CAS to spawn behind enemy ground units spawn locations. No need to redesign the maps. CAS spawning in the front and to the flanks are acceptable but spawning behind enemy ground forces, not so much.

[Domination] Sinai, zero positioning available for SPAA

[Domination] Port Novorossiysk, north side has some area to move in south side has nothing

[Conquest #1] Spaceport

No room to move as SPAA beyond sitting at spawn waiting to die

[Domination] Middle East

No room for SPAA to move from spawn