Map AA in general

Gaijin, please tell us the logic behind the different sorts of map AA.

While the airfield AA in toptier is useless at all, in lower tiers the bomb base AA destroy everything even if you only ground pound near them without any bombload.

And you change it from time to time without any documentation.

There was a time everything was fine with AA. At all BRs there was a well-defined bubble around AF to protect landing players. All other AAs were only there to get destroyed by players to bleed tickets and let the game look nice.
And then some designer with a weird humor began to change parameters randomly. So the forum is full with topics about AA and guess what? It only become worse…
Now bomb bases at low tier have more protection than AF at higher tier.


Roland SAM physics changes are what unceremoniously killed high/top BR AF AA effectiveness.

Mid/Low BR has been more sketchy.

All of it needs more refinement and adjustment, for sure.

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