MANPADS Missiles and Overload: The Technical Details

If you agree with how Igla is made in the game, then it turns out you agree that she has 16 max g. Because that’s how many in the game

The developer showed the average, showed the formula he uses. According to it, at 10.2 g average for igla, she has a 16 max.

yes, but that has not been the problem.
the problem is that people think that all of that is wrong.
because writing:
peak 20G
average 13G
means the same.

its not that that is the problem.
users claim that the 20G is the avarage, not the peak.
thus making it:
Peak 32G
average 20G

I do not know if this is correct, but it seems like you have misunderstood what people are arguing.

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No one cares about it bro. You just cant use the same method on the other manpads because they are just different. Thats the whole sern of the discussion and thats why Im asking you sources because you said they were right in the way they achieve the numbers.

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I don’t see it that way, I think 90% just didn’t understand what the developers told them.

I haven’t seen any documents here about 22g average overload for the Stinger, nor 25 average for the Mistral. The Mistral says 25 maximum

You’re not answering my question. If you agree that igla is correct, then you are admitting that it has 16 max overload.

What do you disagree with? Do you believe the stinger has a 22g MEDIUM overload?

There you go. 20-22G


This is so true. Ive been playing 10.0 russia lately, and everyone is kind of just not smart

Everyone way over extends and just goes in a blind direction with or without support. Usually.

Its when smart players get together that the absurdism happens

The person literally wrote “the stinger should have a maximum overload of 22g”. Not average

I agree that the medium stated on the documents is 10gs, and the formula indicates that it could achieve 16gs, but I cannot say it could because there is world of difference between theory and reality. There isn’t a document anywhere on this post that says “the Igla pulls 16gs maximum overload”. It has a formula that says it could theoretically pull it, but its lacking official statement.


it states maneuverability and not maximum. so the same as the iglas 10.2G


Where does it say it’s an average overload, not a maximum overload?

Available ≠ Average

Do you have a source explicitly stating the Igla has a peak of 16G? That is what was required for Abrams.

On Bug report:

Will be fixed in
Max overload will be 13 G.

So even if the “Average” is lower, the peak/max should still be 20-22G. They have intentially nerfed the peak down to 13G. The biggest issue with Stinger/ATAS/Mistraal that I have experienced, is that hte missile is useless at engaging targets at closer ranges, as it cannot get onto target. Missing half of its peak G in the first second or so of flight, would easily explain that fact.


an error in the notation on the card. The card in the case of stinger displays the average, not the maximum Read this topic, the developer has confirmed it.

The maximum overload of all these missiles is higher

Yes, but at no point is the peak defined. and the bug report clearly states max not average. We have no idea whether hte missile caps out at 13G, or 20-22G then falls off to 13G over the course of the flight. The assumption, is that its capped at 13G

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What will change if the card writes you a max 22? The developer already said it already flies like that. The card just gives you a more realistic average.

i didn’t say avarage, i said maneuverability (which can be read as average).
people are arguing that in the same way the iglas documents say available 10.2G this document in the same way states available 22G not a maximum.

a rocket never has a maximum overload during its time. You were given an average.

What a joke. Russian can’t so the entire West can’t lmao


again, its not the card that is the problem. its that 13G is to little. its the in game performance they want changed. the card can then say whatever Gaijin wants.