MANPADS Missiles and Overload: The Technical Details

oh btw the Igla should only pull 2G my Source i did Math so change it because thats what you did


It’s one thing to say “We aren’t changing this as it impacts balancing in X, Y, and Z manners” (borrowing another players argument here) and it’s an entirely different thing to hand out a “We don’t believe it does or has or performs like A because we just don’t think it does”.

You guys are making it genuinely harder and harder to continue playing and supporting the game when you do things like this. You are welcome to take a massive grain of salt with this and not believe me, but given how bad the Air Superiority update is and the whole Abrams armor fiasco, my intent to get the Su-39 or the German Mig-21 to help me finish out those trees is just gone now.

Again, you’re welcome to not believe me and see this as a ploy but to each their own then.


same for me my will to buy anything in the furture is gone as even primary sources are useless unless its for russian stuff that will give them a buff i also got a feeling that this is to make us do a certain thing

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@Smin1080p @Gunjob

Pardon my language, but what the hell is the point of submitting bug reports at this point? They take SIGNIFICANT amounts of our own personal time and effort to write when submitting good ones and, considering gaijins track record, and more recently, the last 3 dev discussions (overall western issues, the abrams hull armor and now this garbage) its evident the devs have no interest in modelling things accurately when it comes to western equipment.

So tell us; why should we spend our time trying to improve the game if we are to just be subjected to this blatant disrespect and hypocrisy?


Gaijins take just dont and buy this new shiny 70 dollar premium at this point everything we do is not gonna change anything and Gaijin lost the trust it gained after the bombing


Gotta admit, it’s cute you believe the director of missile production at Matra, in-charge of the Mistral program, professor of missile engineering as Supaero is somehow mistaken when he states exactly how well Mistral should perform:

He even goes so far to give values for VT1, which shows he is not making wild statements of performance:

And as stated here by a US Naval postgrad, Mistral should be able to defeat any evasive action:

Or this JPRS report:

This also precludes MBDA also not having any clue what they’re talking about either when it comes to Mistral 2:

According to all avaiable sources, Mistral should be extremely maneuverable, to the point it should be unavoidable… yet ig it can barely hit anything flying in a STRAIGHT LINE…

Ofc, you knew this already, as it was all in my (now very old) report:

Mistral 1 is supposed to be 25G, while Mistral 2 is 32G, with Mistral 3 doing 30G due to being slightly heavier.

Same that you already know Stinger is supposed to be 22G, cause the DIA already released as much:

I don’t know why there is this compulsion to disbelieve what your eyes are telling you and assume that all of these people MUST be lying, cause how else could Igla only pull 10.2G, while Stinger does 22G and Mistral 25-32G.

I think the biggest problem we have is an inability to grasp turn radius and it’s relationship to velocity.

Here we have the calculated turn radius for Mistral as it is currently modelled ig:


And Igla:

… Notice any problems…
Currently Mistral is the worst performing of all manpads…

Note tho, when we correct them all to historical levels:
Mistral 1, if accurate:

Mistral 2, if accurate:

And Stinger, if accurate:

This all to show, even with Stinger and Mistral being brought to historical levels, they still only marginally outperform Igla when it comes to turnrate, which is historically accurate. These manpads are not supposed to perform so terribly against Igla, because the relationship between turn radius, velocity and Gload seem to be completely ignored or missed.

I’m very disappointed after all these years we’re still fighting to have things behave properly due to certain individuals ingrained biases and beliefs. When something doesn’t make sense to them, they ignore reality because it doesn’t fit how they understand something to work in their head.

Obv, we still have a lot of work to do to educate the devs on how missile systems work in reality.
Thx for everyone who has worked so hard for so many years to set the record straight.


No no no your wrong, Russia can’t do it so it’s not possible. Moon landings were faked too.


was about to say the math Gaijin did seemed wrong when looking at all the sources when you just changed the G load as the turn radius seemed weird

8 million times THIS!


I’ve given up bothering to bug report or even help bug report stuff now, it just gets ignored in most cases regardless of how much source information is tacked onto it.


i stopped that years ago when I bug reported the Ferdinand and its 2x 100mm plates on the front and they kept arguing otherwise only to add that in i think 2 years later

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Something I would like to talk about then is the AIM-9H. I have talked about this before in places but I would like to know if the 22g overload that I’ve seen around the place could be achievable. Because of the solid state components and the stronger actuators it should be capable of more than the 18g’s it has. Correct me if I’m wrong and give me reliable sources instead of hurr derr the wings are the same size as the D and G.


Live reaction from gaijin

(Great post however 👍)


if i remember it right 20G yes 22G not 100% sure


Great. Thanks.

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Same story with the stormer, challenger 2s side armour, mobility, mantlet, spall liners etc etc waste of time. They’ll only do what they want to do regardless of historical accuracy, same old situation with the m1 kvt being a 105mm


Myself and a few other prolific western bug reporters have also given up, its all just wasted effort



Lmao even.

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thank you for at least trying my friend you guys did an awesome job even if Gaijin is being dumb


Y’all excited to open your wallets and reward Gaijin and their hard-working dev team during this holiday sale?