Making the Mad Thunder event vehicles obtainable

Would you like to have the ability to earn the Mad Thunder event vehicles for use in regular battles?
  • Yes if the additional cosmetics (spikes, flames, etc) were removed
  • No
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Also to clarify, cosmetic spikes, flags, flames, etc should be removed but the weaponary options and armor plates should remain since they are just cool

EXAMPLES IN SPOILER (ignore the spikes and stuff, theres more stuff but this should be enough)




Because they are just tech tree vehicles with mostly cosmetic upgrades, it would be really cool to have them available as rewards for those who go above and beyond and fully grind the event so they can be used in random battles.

They could come in multiple configurations where you can choose which one you want similar to how vehicles like the XM8 have a researchable armor module unlock or how the T-72B3 can get the UBH kit.

They would obviously have their BRs adjusted but it would be insanely fun to drive these beasts in random battles and mess around (especially using the FlaRak with .50 cals at 1.0-2.0)


What the hell man…


What’s wrong?

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terrible idea.


how so?

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If they are just regular tt vehicles why don’t you go play those tt vehicles (which some aren’t and have stuff like rocket pods and heat cannons)?

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It simply wouldn’t suit the game, which tries to uphold an authentic setting.

While there are fictional decorators and camouflages, you have an option in the settings menu to not see those.

Obviously this doesn’t work if the vehicle has functional differences like applique armor or additional armament.

That said, I would support adding the skins/camouflages with small visual changes, but no functional ones. Like the “Prodigy” skin for M1 KVT. (Of course tagged as fictional)

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Nice April Fools post. 😏


because they dont have the rocket pods


i mean, sure id like to have them… but its just tech tree vehicles with mad max /zombie crap added to them

This is a… Terrible idea. Gaijin would never allow the vehicles to exist in the game… And it would be very odd using them or fighting against them in game.

the only way this makes sense is if we could use them for other april fools events, or… in custom battles… The idea to try and have them permanently added to in game, and use them in real battles, is asinine… Much better just having another event vehicle we can unlock/obtain as a reward and not These modded vehicles.

Gaijin could remove the “spikes”, etc to make them look more realistic while maintaining the goofy armaments and add on armor

or how about this… They remove the spikes, strapped on armor, flags, and all the extras and just add the vehicles

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Yes exactly! I re-did the poll with that included

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perfect, then we are left with the vehicles they have already added, and so your post/“idea” is completely unecessary.

Do we have a Praga with a single gun and two rocket pods? Do we have a flarakrad with only a 50 cal and a 7.62? Do we have a Bosvark with a 106mm recoilless rifle, a 50 cal and a dual 23mm mount?

in the game? we sure do.

please show me

go into game and up that the top right hand side, there will be a thing called Mad Thunder.

Click on it and it will show you the vehicles you are pointing out.

Sadly they wont be keeping the Ramming spikes and extra fence/grates, flags and other things on the tanks tho… We will be stuck with just the tech tree vehicles we already have

So sad that we wont get the post apocalypse type of “cosmetics” tho…

Very sad… Totally sad… sad sad, sadge


i mean in the game, Permanently…