Making the Mad Thunder event vehicles obtainable

yes that is a decorator available permanently if you unlock it

… functional ones…

Ramming Spikes

There’s no functional spikes in game

It would appear that many players forgot about the “furry” Tiger released all that time ago.
Which isn’t much less “wacky” than these vehicles.


Considering it’s literally just a Tiger with a striped paint job, no, it’s in fact infinitely less “wacky” than these vehicles.

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i was confused because i thought he Surely couldnt mean the tiger with the paint job was… Anything like the mad thunder vehicles (and their additions/changes)

because to … compare the 2 and imply they are essentially the same thing (amount of changes or “wacky”) is… completely idiotic…

(because its like comparing apples to oranges that have been outfitted with plate mail and spears , i.e. NOTHING alike and not even like comparing apples to just oranges.)

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World of Tanks is game you are looking for. They have all the wacky vehicles you ever dreamt of…

dont tell them about the bodypillows, anime decals and all the other goofy decorators

again. those are basically PAINT jobs… not TONS of scrap metal/armor and grates, spikes and other mad maxian crap… its not the same… or even close to being comparable

If it didnt exist irl, i dont want it in game.

As a way to expand playable content limitlessly, through a fictional or alternative history gamemode separate from the rest of the modes. Of course, that would be a great idea. Vehicles balanced by design, without the constraints of historical accuracy. Can you imagine how healthy that is for a competitive game?

I really enjoy the mode though. Maybe I should give Crossout an actual visit if it is anything close than this

Sadly it isn’t. It just uses module hitpoints that just disappear when shot enough