Make the mig 29's r60m's 1 set

The mig 29s r-60s are in 2 sets so you have to click twice to change the weapon to a 27er or whatever you have. It is really annoying and it just makes sense for them to be 4 r-60s and not 2 sets of 2.


Harrier Gr7 has the same thing with Aim-9L. Its any aircraft that has 2 missiles stock, but gets extras via a mod. The stock and mod missiles dont “stack”


It is the same for the F-16ADF and JA37C.

I’ve lost missile jousts in high tier jets several times because I was using Secondary Weapon Mode and cycled my weapon to another set of Sidewinders instead of a Sparrow.

Gaijin, please make identical air-to-air missiles a single set when using secondary weapon mode!

Gaijin has answered this on some topic stating its an engine limitation that came with giving stock missiles, they can’t fix this unless they take stock missiles away from every plane… that isn’t what people want obviously

They can fix it, but in not exactly a great way either. It doesn’t require you to have to remove stock missiles altogether. They would need to add a duplicate missile that is the modification missile, which can group with the other modification missiles, unlike the stock missile. This phenomenon can already be seen on I think the Tornados with their stock bombs.

However you would then always need to figure out which of the two missiles in a slot is the stock variant and which one is the modification variant. So to remedy this they could rename the stock missile to be like “missile X (stock)”. Better would be to disable the stock missiles once their respective missile modification is unlocked and bought, but I’m not sure if that’s possible and if it was, they would have already done this already (… maybe).

That was what I was thinking. When the 2x Stock missiles were replaced with the 4x missile mod, the 2x Stock missiles should just be disabled. Instead of 2+2

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