Make keen vision give passive enemy marks or give all tanks weak scouting/spotting

Which one would you prefer
  • Passive marking
  • Active spotting
  • Other (in comments)
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Hi tonkers

i was thinking of submitting a suggestion regarding improving team play in GRB and trying to make Keen Vision a useful crew skill
the 2 main ideas right now are

  • Passive marking;
    If you’re directly pointing at a stationary target for longer than 3 seconds or if you’re aiming at a moving target then your crew will relay a vague mark for your team


The formula would be the following
Target inside keen vision cone → a mark is generated → if the mark is within teammate’s radio coms radius → mark is revealed to that teammate

  • Active spotting:
    A system using the same formula but instead of it being passive its active but much weaker than light tank’s active scouting
    similar to spotting enemies in the battlefield franchise, mark them on the map for a brief time

for both systems similar to shooting near the enemy without actually revealing your position or being as strong as active scouting, doing so will only give a small reward if the marked target was damaged but unlike with light tank active scouting, you won’t be awarded if the target was destroyed or be given an scouting assist

Detailed feed back goes a long way to polish both ideas
Cheesed regards



very constructive feedback indeed, thanks


Other: Add a “Neither” to your poll.


Other: Go play Arcade, they have passive crew spotting. Realistic already has enough visual cues with the hit vehicle markers and crazy spotting markers already and do not need the mode watered down by crews searching out tanks for you.

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My idea wouldnt be a 3D spotting/outlining like arcade has
It would be like shooting your MG at an enemy to mark him on the map

i feel like tank crews would rely information to each other in some fashion and currently i dont feel like teams communicate much if at all
i can be yelling that there’s someone behind a corner and my team would still try to cross it just to be shot

This happens already. It is the hit vehicle marker.

We aren’t tank crews, and you’re trying to fix a player problem by changing gameplay. Doesn’t seem like a good idea for more visual assists in RB, the mode characterized by the lack of visual assists.

its an attempt to incentivize people trying to play with the team and win instead of just holding W, shooting, dying and leaving
but yeah its a core problem and this is a band aid fix at best but i’d say better than nothing, sadly

You know the game already does this right? The little chevrons you see pointing down at stuff and the arrow on the edge of the screen are for when you “crew” reports targets and for scout reports based upon the “keen vision” and “radio” skill.

You can’t fix stupid.


the arrows at the edge of the screen are barely of any help with how tiny and easily overlooked they are

and im not talking about light tank active scouting markers i was talking about the markers that appear when you hit or shoot close to an enemy to be an active thing you could do, like say highlighting the area you’re aiming at with a stationary marker or a warning to the team like a radio command more versatile than having to open the map and click it for no one to pay attention to it

here’s an mockup

basically being able to call out posible danger with a way for the team to actually see it and not overlook it so easily like it often happens with map pings

hope it makes sense

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You can do that already, I believe it is the mark team target keybind or something. The hit marker already sits MORE ACCURATELY over a vehicle that you MG than the scouting marker.

sadly that marker is only shown to you and your squad

it’d be awesome to have it as a team function

Yes, that is already in the game. When you hit an enemy player it marks it on the map for others that are within your radio operator’s skill range. When you see a orange chevron with an eye on top, that is your own crew seeing and reporting to you an enemy.

Yes its called marking on the map. AFIK, that goes out to the entire team regardless of range.
So you keybind a team target, which gives you the little yellow chevron, then you go to the map and drop a marker on that icon. And there you go, now everyone will still ignore it, but you will feel better about your contribution to losing the game.

Yes, clicking on your map will give a callout and make a ping on the minimap which is easily missed, cant be used repeatedly because chat spam and like you said most people ignore them
creating a 3D ping for your team to see would be more helpful

Please stop trying to make the systems already in place even more powerful and stand out more in realistic. The visual queues are enough already. Please don’t make the tiny bit of stealth you can get in RB go away. I play realistic so I don’t have to deal with passive scouting highlighting me to the entire enemy team, I would perfer to keep it that way.

the current queues dont do nothing, tanks arent meant to be stealthy, the moment a tank shoots its position is likely made

if you want to be able to have an effective flank change positions after firing so you arent zero’d
an stationary “stealthy” tank is a dead tank whether it is by artillery, cas or another tank having intel on it

They do. They point out a tanks almost exact location to 15 other players which then focus you. Sometimes it doesn’t even require a direct MG hit, just one close to the vehicle or a ricochet off the ground. Tanks aren’t meant to be out in the middle of field and expect to live either. Don’t be seen is the second large layer of the onion, which is stealth. Not being seen means not dying. If I have 16 enemy tanks passively feeding my location to each other while somewhat highlighting my location, then I should be in arcade mode, not realistic. Realistic is the mode without a ton of cheesy arcade markers, adding more will just degrade the mode more. Honestly it would be better if it was map only indicators and not flashing overhead indicators that you can blindly shoot at and get kills. They even show if the target is in cover or almost visible.

No seriously, No…

I don’t even think half or even a QUARTER of the playerbase actually know how Keen Vision works in the first place, or even consider actual scouting to not be bugged, so neither are even acknowledged as being a thing or even attempted to do…

To be honest I feel like this would almost make the game too easy. Part of the draw of the game is specifically that finding enemies is hard, and you can be sneaky and hide in bushes or trees etc.

I think it might take some of the fun and immersion out of the game