Make B-17 a bit stronger

They just fall apart make them a little stronger. Make it more realistic.


Goes for most bombers.


The only required change is the Damage models of bombers, of all size:

They are easy to hit because they’re bigger than a fighter.

Yet, they share the same amount of areas in which the taken damages are applied to:
Wingtips (x2)
Wing (x2)
Front frame
Rear frame
Control surfaces (depending on each aircrafts)

And you would agree that between a Bf-109 and B-17 the size of a single wing is not the same:
Bf-109 → about 4.5meters
B-25 → about 9 meters
B-17 → about 14meters

Therefore the size of each aircrafts for Damage model is:
Wing Tips:
Bf-109 → about 1.2 meters
B-25 → about 2 meters
B-17 → about 4 meters

Wing :
Bf-109 → about 3.3 meters
B-25 → about 7 meters
B-17 → about 10 meters

In such, the B-17 wing is easier to get focused on and destroyed by any fighter.

Now, if we apply a new damage model type being more precise areas, such as:

Heavy and strategics bombers:
Wing tips(2x)
External wing area (x2)
Middle wing area (x2)
Inner wing area (x2)
Frame considered in 4/5 areas

Medium bomber:
Wing tips(2x)
External wing area (x2)
Inner wing area (x2)
Frame considered in 3/4 areas

We would have a wing seperated by multiple sized area of Damage model, similar to what have the Bf-109 (size wise)

Making Damages to be more precisely shared, which overall will buff the Bomber abilities to withstand more damages,

It would let people time to bomb objectives, and/or use Gunners themselves.


Not knowing the code, they could also give each area more “hitpoints” meaning that it is harder to completely destroy both wings of a heavy with a single burst from a weapon

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More hit points? Yeah sure,… but let’s speak it this way:

Having large area, ensure every dmg to hit you, to lower the same HitPoint area.

Since the wing are 1.5/2.5 wider on a bomber → you are taking all damages equally on the whole wing.

If you multiply the areas of that wing ->> you’ll share damage between Several HitPoint Areas.

Conclusion - for the same spray from the fighter -:

Solution A → 1 wing area took all dmg, and died, even after 25% HP buff

Solution B → 2 wings areas took damage and are in “red status” (25-30% HP left for each), and this without buffing the number of HitPoint.


If this was war thunder the tailplane would’ve fallen off in 1-shot and the B17 would’ve pilotsniped the 110 as he was flatspinning.