Make all machine guns functional

The Hull MG’s already have hitboxes. Another thing is, I’m not against you making the suggestion, but you simply have very very weak claims. So it really isn’t compelling to add since it’s nothing more than a minor quality of life improvement. That requires a ton of time to reimplement the X-Ray model and toggle the functionality for these guns. Which would provide little in battle.

To be fair their removal was just as unnecessary, putting effort into decreasing this quality of life.

I’d say I understand this is not a priority for them, but slowly adding functionality to existing machineguns as little changes on the side of bigger updates would be nice to see, as they still provide gameplay benefits. You can defeat open vehicles, clear foliage, shoot off camouflage decorators and to some extent defend against aerial attacks.
Since this functionality is mostly already met with coaxial or roof mounted machineguns though it is worth noting none of those functions are inherently new, but the damage output by time would simply be increased by allowing for the use of additional machineguns.

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Your points are very much valid but have been made several times before, if someone doesn’t want to listen they don’t want to listen. Look at his language, it’s not about the topic anymore, it’s about ego.
Don’t waste your time.

Depending on the vehicle. Cause let’s not forget some vehicles have side or angled MG guns. I remember there was a Japanese Tank with an MG stuffed to the left side of the turret cheek frontally.

Yet again, the main reason is historical accuracy.
Just that it won’t change gameplay does not mean we should not add it.
In that logic we should never improve the graphics.

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Again, history accuracy has been thrown in the gutter for years. That’s not a good reason for it to ever be re-enabled.

just saying. i am a huge advocate for historical accuracy. and since it won’t change much, why go against it?

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Cause those resources could be used to improve other fields of development. Not a minor feature that benefits almost no one.

“other fields”, “rescources”, “benefits no one”
Like I get that i would rather see the Chengdu J-10 in game but like i think it ain’t that hard for gaijin to just make a machine gun work in game compared to some of the other things they made.


I’m coming to this, pissed off that the Lago I has a hull mounted 13.2, yet it cannot shoot it. HULL MOUNTED MGS FTW!!!


It’s better to have the machine guns and never need them than to not have them and need to use them. There’s plenty of times a weird-placed MG could have saved me from a pesky SPAA hitting my rear. As for most vehicles with the MGs already modeled (Pz. III and IVs, Panthers, Shermans, T-34s etc.) they already are a weak spot in the armor - so why not have the benefit of having a functional one as well?




Yes, I made that exact point before. Agreed.

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