Make air rb great again

it does bleed tickets… same as ground targets, and the random ia aircrafts on the map in higher brs

Show me then because im very confident it doesnt but if u can prove it then my bad for saying it doesnt

just play a single game in rb and kill a base or a light pillbox, and it will go down, iirc even mid map spaa bleeds tickets now

Yeah any type of AI and real player does bleed tickets thats correct

a few seconds after the destruction of the base you can see how the enemy bar goes down

Honestly it might just be the AIs killing each other because of how big the delay is, like the tanks and shit but yeah u might be right. My bad then

the ia are way to far apart, they dont start killing each other until mid game, youre just in denial at this point

No, its the city map, in the middle of the map u have howitzers and light pillboxes litterly 5 meters away from each other and they are shooting at each other non stop. Go on the city map and u will see

even in the city map they don’t start killing each other so soon…

Yeah they kinda do, like ive played so many times on that map they litterly shoot at each other when u fly over the city the first minutes and now when u have to spawn on the run way it wouldnt surprise me if thats the case.

Ok so we disagree and I don’t think I’m going to change your opinion so,

A simple solution would be to make it so it does. Every other action in air rb affects the outcome of the game, it would be silly if bombing doesn’t.

Then you wouldn’t have access to that data. Gaijin doesn’t make it public. Thunderskill is quite literally the only possible source for this.

I don’t think its a bombing being an option issue, I think its a new player issue. You can still nab a kill or two in dedicated strike aircraft like the Su-17’s or Tornado’s but the newer players (flying aircraft like F-4S and F-5C which are great fighters, but they are flying as bombing aircraft) generally contribute as you said, nothing to the team.

I never said you did however in your previous response you kept trying to trying to state that my ‘lack or experience’ means my opinion is wrong. I simply stated that’s not an argument and offers very little to the said argument.

True that. I am simply expressing my concerns with such a dedicated pvp mode. I think the conversation is still quite serious but it really is intriguing to see other players thoughts even if I disagree with some of them. I do agree though that air rb needs to be looked at more closely to improve player experience.

they dont, but still in the same video several examples that shows the base being destroyed at the min 4 and at min 4:50 also shows the same behavior a few seconds later the bar goes down, is that also coincidence?, btw when the ground ia kill each other BOTH bars goes downs, specially where their numbers are balanced like when they start a game.

You’re in denial.

I don’t want to derail this topic, but imho the required skill set of jet warfare is mainly based on the effective usage of the weapon system as a whole - so AAMs, radar, CMs and the sheer flight performance and rather to pilot skills
with regards to controlling the aircraft.

The ability to contest enemies in far superior planes with with far superior weapon systems whilst flying way inferior aircraft with much weaker weapon systems is actually very limited. If i watch replays of top tier addicted friends, their quite successful game play boils down to hugging the ground and looking for 3rd party kills whilst enemies are occupied - and to clap stragglers at the edge of furballs - besides farming of PvE players.

So the skill set to get into those positions and to pick the right targets at the right time - prioritizing targets, keeping a high level of situational awareness and to know when it is time to get out is in conjunction with the way faster game play without any doubt demanding - but imho way less focused on piloting skills in the classic sense, like stall fighting or turn- or energy fighting.

In order to validate my claim:

So a 14 year old can spam missiles at you until you run out of flares or you became too slow to dodge - but the same kid will get clapped even approaching you with a massive energy advantage in an XP-50 whilst you fly an A6M or B7A2 - so the required skill sets are different, but your weapon system becomes way more decisive in jets, that’s why a hell of people love props.

In any case - you might think about your overall perspective on some things:

so as i wrote earlier it is mainly a player and balancing problem.

Even if i fully agree to certain observations it looks like you overestimate the impact of experience vs less experienced pilots as wt Air RB is no rocket science.

Seeing your references to game play 10 years ago - imho you might think about adjusting your expectation level as you can’t turn back time. If you have 2 kids and a wife - they look different now and you have to adapt…

Edit: Seeing your recent exchanges regarding ticket drops due to base bombing - there is actually a delay. Ticket drop varies imho from 180 to 300 points for a base kill on maps with 7.600 tickets depending on BR. In addition it makes imho no sense to discuss some unbalanced maps regarding ai ticket bleed. We lost today 5 vs 1 against a player with a score of 0 points on Saipan just due to ai actions; and some days ago i lost a match on Stalingrad after the 25 minute mark as my 162 point ticket lead was turned to a 38 point ticket defeat by ai interaction at 25:10 despite the timer was at 0:00…

No not really ground AI doesnt kill each other at the same time thats not how it works. My point is when u kill an AI the ticket goes down litterly right after, why would there be a delay for bombing bases, and i know for a fact that AIs do shoot at each other at start on city and they are litterly right in front of each other. Obiously they would shoot at each other thats litterly how they have coded the AIs.
And u cant really say om in denial when u really havent showed me a valid proof. And i litterly accepted the fact that i can be wrong in this but again the video isnt enough proof imo because of how the AI works on city

i already have 3 different examples…

Then show me, as i said earlier if im wrong im wrong but as it is for right now i havent really seen any valid proof, its not like i will have trouble sleeping at night because im wrong like lmao

Yeah i agree on what u said about controlling the aircraft, it have changed a lot.

already did dude… did you read the message? aside from the city map example, in the same video also shows 2 bases being destroyed and the bar went down a few seconds later. and the bar dont go down instantly becase they are mission objectives, you can se on the menu how the star fills then the rewards are distributed, to your stat bar and the enemy bar going down.

Well yeah u are actually right, always thought it was AIs bleeding ur tickets becasue of how fast they kill each other but guess i was wrong then

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