Make air rb great again

Air rb used to be PvP, players actually trying to kill each other, teammates baiting for each other etc. Not anymore tho. Right now you have atleast 2 or 3 bot accounts just bombing and then flying afk in the corner of the map, on top of that you have another 8 players bombing and then going back to base not giving a single F about their teammates and then you have the rest actually trying to win the game. This usually doesnt happen at every br but mostly 9.3-11.3 and why is that? Becuase you have like 1000 of premium planes between those brs. This is only one out of many problems with air rb.

Another issue is how fast the tickets bleed, why on earth should AI decide if you win or lose. You can litterly be in a 9.3 104 just running around against 5 or more 8.3 planes and win thanks to bots, how is that PvP? Another issue is how compressed the brs are, WHY should a 104 be facing mig15 (non bis), f9f or any subsonic jet??? Like i understand its an easy way to make money gaijin, you play your 8.3 plane and you die 5 times in a row to a 104 because you cant do anything against it and then when you actually get to your 104 you just get uptiers so you die to all aspect missiles every game, then you spend some more money trying to get a plane at 10.3 with all aspect missiles or atleast very high G missile but you just get killed by 11.3 planes with radar missiles head on and you have 0 understanding on how to dodge those missiles, then you get your 11.3 plane and get 12.3/12.0 litterly 90% of the games and when you do get a downtier you have a team of bots, players that bomb and people that crash on take off. But again most people dont care because they usually just play air to spade a plane they can use in ground for CAS.

If you look at ground you either cap to win or kill all the players until they cant spawn anymore. However in air you can bomb multiple bases, kill some AIs on the ground and even in the air. HOW IS THIS PvP??? Remove the bombing zones and remove the ground/air AIs and make a separate game mode for people that just want to grind planes so they can use them as CAS in ground. Like a PvE air mode just like the heli PvE mode. People can fly around and bomb bases, defend their bases, bomb some convoys or whatever i dont know but you get my point. There are so many more problems with air rb but it would be too much for me to type but if you are smart enough you probably already know a bunch of other problems. Make air rb great again gaijin please :)


Air RB used to be a mode that could actually be won by bombers, but it is not anymore. As it is now, there is no point in spawning bombers in that mode anymore, it has all boiled down to pure fighter team death matches.


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I have to agree with Vamilad and we rarely agree on anything.

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Asymmetric battles are a feature of War Thunder.

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Those planes should have strafed ground targets to deplete your tickets.

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Im mostly referring to average war thunder player in my comment, but yes this video is correct however it seems that 90% of the wt community still dont get it which is the problem when u buy urself into ‘‘top tier’’ and thats my point, when u rush urself up this is the stuff that will happen…

Gaijin doesn’t care if people want to drop in without knowledge of the vehicle they purchased or the mechanics of the game.

They’ve decided that it’s a “player issue” and it’s up to them to resolve it.

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Thats true but what happens if they have more than half of the tickets to take care off while the 104 just have to kill 5 more units and win because his team had plenty of attackers ground pounding early game or they had the A4s as AIs which kills AI ground units quicker than yak 38 for an example. The list is long mate and we can go on for ever with different arguements but i seriously do hope u see the problem with current air rb and if u dont i guess u dont play it as much as me and havent played it as long as me :D

Air RB really needs a new game mode. Either a proper Air RB Enduring Confrontation or some sort of a PVE mode that caters more to strategy and more passive gameplay.

That mode would attract most of the passive players and bots. Then Air RB can be tuned for a more PVP orientation. In my opinion that would involve:

  • reducing team sizes

  • removing AI ticket bleed

This should give every play style something. CAS can do CAS. Fighters can be fighters and bombers can be bombers.

PVE or Air RB EC would open up a lot for the future too. Anti-shipping objectives. Mid air refueling, AWACS.

There’s a lot that could be done with a proper long-form Air RB mode.

They do have Sim EC but Sim isn’t for everyone.


Yep i 100% agree

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Yeah I don’t play Air RB at all I play GRB

My experience on Air RB is holding W until I see a premium to gank on and I’ll do that 2-3 more times then fly to the airfield and J out.

Gaijin has shown zero intention of fixing the game mode and I do not treat it with any seriousness.

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yep, sadly u are kinda correct with ur last sentence

Yes please. Today the ARB is just a stupid and nasty death match.
No mutual aid, no objective completion. Not to mention that playing with jets on postage stamps is really boring.

We find ourselves engaging 30 meters from the ground after 30 seconds, great.


Thank you very much. Its much appreciated.

I would assume so a single player can’t run for the entire game and stall out the match.

Its been talked about to death already, its a well known fact gaijin needs to decompress several brs and 8.0 to 12.3 is one of them.

This is simply due to the human experience. Humans tend to remember bad things twice as much at least than good things. Something something risk aversion, something something desirable trait.

It can also be due to depending on were you are playing and the players at each battle rating at different times of day.

Because air is not pure PvP. I don’t think air ever was pure pvp. If it was (as in no AI targets and no bases) we would see stuff like bombers get downtiered a lot and make everyone’s lives miserable in ground rb and air rb. What you are asking for is an entirely new game mode (which you can get simply by playing any twitch tournaments) however the majority of the player base wouldn’t want to play this.

Also one of the reasons those AI and bases exist simply to make sure that again, no player can simply drag out the match for eternity. The other is to support a multitude of different aircraft. After all it is air battles and what good would it be if some aircraft can’t even participate due to no bombing targets existing?

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Yes i can agree to a certein degree, my point is if u look back in the days 2013-2017 when i was playing air rb a lot and when it acutally was good u didnt have full teams bombing in strike aircrafts and fighters. These days as i said earlier people just take a plane that have a lot of bombs and go bomb in it and then RTB and J out or go for another bombing run, they hide in the corner of the map or high up, how is that fun? While u are trying to chase these guys u have A4bs bleeding ur tickets faster than i dont even know lol. Games last litterly 5 mintues thanks to the AIs.

Back in the days u actually had like 2 bombers max and the rest were fighters trying to kill each other like u do in ground rb… thats the last thing players do today… do u see how messed up it is?

Air rb was litterly players trying to kill each other, now its all about who gets to the base first and then die in a full commit head on. So its litterly been full PvP but yes u had ground units but it didnt bleed as quickly as it does today so games could in theory last for atleast 30-40 minutes but today if u leave both air and ground AIs they can in theory end ur game in just a bit under 10 minutes.

Now my theory is that they gaijin did this because of the economy changes. We all know the longer the games last the more u get but if AIs can end the games quicker then 10 minutes well then it doesnt really matter. Now obviously a lot of new stuff have happend to the economy lately so that argument isnt that valid anymore but i think u understand what im trying to say.

But as another guy said we need a new game mode for strike/bomber aircraft so that people can grind their air trees in that mode and spade their planes for CAS in ground. I dont really care how gaijin would fix this, all i want is a game mode when its pretty much players trying to kill players in order to win…just like ground rb and like the old days or air rb :)

The only time u saw a lot of bombers in jets was when the TU4 got added but that didnt really last for that long becasue people saw how pointless it was to play that thing