Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 5)

Where did you get the information that no patch is coming today?

Because 99% of the time a patch is announced the night before.


was a QnA about it a few years ago and they talked talked abit about SK and NK

found it its at 20:35

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The problem is that there is widespread dislike of Japan among the Korean population.

According to a 2014 BBC World Service poll, 13% of Japanese view South Korea’s influence positively, with 37% expressing a negative view, while 15% of South Koreans view Japanese influence positively, with 79% expressing negatively, making South Korea, after China, the country with the second most negative perception of Japan in the world.


For no particular reasons whatsoever.

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Because Japan operated it as the A8V1 in WWII


Seversky A8V1 Dick

I mean, probably because as the 2nd or 3rd lagest nation in game (not 100% sure) the US not only has vehicles for most if not anything, but also has a tree so full that no subnation could properly unfold its full potential.

Sadly the way Gaijin does it right now, subtrees are bound to the same tree limitations as the main tree, 5 lines of three vehicles per rank (excluding folders). There sinply wouldn’t be enough space to add all that Korea has to offer.

I don’t think Korea should go to Japan either, Japan has other more fitting options like Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia, but the way subtrees are currently implemented the US would also be less than ideal unless Gaijin reworks subtrees quite substancially.
Though then again there is no way they could ever fit all of the Indian vehicles in the British tree either, so this does seem to be an already existing problem with subtrees.

If you look at the more modern much newer polls its SIGNIFIGANTLY higher albeit not the best of all time obviously but much much higher then 14% their relations as of late are very good

Still no specification though and its not like they havent changed their minds before

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DPRK any second now!11!!1!


That why it should go to US.

A Chinese vehicle that was used by North Korea is in the Chinese tree, not North Korea itself.

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What if they are planning a tech tree expansion update? With all the UI changes, collapsible ranks, and confirmation of India as a subtree, it is totally possible they could extend the amount of lines to fit another subtree. So it can go to US. Imo, Taiwan should have gone to US and North Korea as a full subtree to China in place of taiwan

After Yugoslavia, of course.

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North Korea should stay in China, SK and Taiwan should go to US as a mixed subtree. They will most likely expand # of line so it’s possible

Taiwan is the Republic of China; it belongs in the Chinese tree.

Both Koreas should be put together to form an independent United Korea faction starting at tier 4.

Once again, Gaijin has repeatedly said that they won’t horizontally expand tech trees; stop perpetuating the delusion that they will.

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Why would they confirm India as a subtree? And they can just throw in SK stuff to US tree where they want if you’re right. Gaijin has denied a lot of stuff in the past like missiles but look what they are hyping now

India is irrelevant. They won’t horizontally expand tech trees, at least not any time soon, and no, America has way more than enough on its own. It should never get any sub nations.

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US can still get a fair few ground vehicles wo having a sub tree


Understatement of the century.


How is it irrelevant? It is a subtree confirmed for a nation with all 5 lines already taken