Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

I guess you mean this part correct ?

"Joining the ranks of the British tree as a premium will be the ultimate version to grace the skies, sporting the features many of the most modern aircraft in the game have become renowned for. Much like South African vehicles, Indian vehicles will be introduced into the British tree. "

Which makes me laugh.

A supersonic aircraft 4x TVC IRCCM and HMS is the same BR as the Harrier Gr7, a subsonic aircraft with 4x IRCCM missiles and no HMS meant for ground attack.

But does this mean the Harrier Gr7 can go down in BR?


think so


It’s such a small line it’s easy to miss, it would been better to make it a information note or what It’s called.

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would love to see the Super Hind Mk3, would be really fun and probably better then the Mi35 in the russian tree which would be pretty funny

Sounds like subtrees might need a bit more room to breathe. They really could use a rework


Shameless Self-Promotion (Subtree Rework Suggestion)


Harrier GR.7 has 700 countermeasures, MAWS and has its BR decided based on how it performs itself. Not in comparison to anything else. Equally if the MiG-21 needs to move somewhere, it will be adjusted based on itself, not the Harrier.

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I support this ^^^^^^^^^^


it’s almost like they want to slip it in without anyone noticing, almost as if it was an addition or change in policy no one supports…

oh wait


I’d love that BAE hind upgrade too lmao. Hind with Hellfires lets gooooo

its funny because when I brought it up ages ago that he said “Germany is the home to all Argentine vehicles currently in game” and mentioned it said currently meaning this might not always be the case I got yelled at by pretty much everyone saying nuhuh your wrong lol


Eh. SuperHinds sounds cool as well as IAI Hind-2000. But from the few games I played in the hind its not very interesting for me.
Sure, they are designed in a completely different doctrines in mind - as a VTOL IL-2 instead of missile slingers, but that would affect personal preference as well.

Yeah… We know, thats why Identical airframes are at different battle ratings elsewhere on our tree. But alas, nothing is done about that. Oh well. Still funny how many buffs the Mig-21 has gotten since being added to the dev server and the FA2 has gotten none.

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Gaijin once again refusing to look at objective stats like… performance, and capability, and going “lalalalalalala can’t hear you” when the point of view/opinion that they hold is difficult/impossible to justify normally.

seriously, though, player statistics based balancing is one of the worst ways to balance a game, and plenty of CCs and players have said this over and over again… it’s weird why lots and lots of people would say the same thing over and over… could it mean it’s an actual problem?

many people didn’t understand that but to be fair it’s really a sentence without any meaning. Many propably tried to give it a meaning

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F-4J (UK) arguably being the worst Phantom in the British tree yet magically deserving a BR 2 brackets above that of it’s TT counterparts.

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Yep, Or the Tornado IDSs being at 2 different BRs.

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The MiG-21 Bison has had its countermeasures reduced and its BR lowered. Sea Harrier FA.2 has had its AMRAAM BOL pylons added and their functionality is being worked on currently. There are also other reports open under investigation on the Sea Harrier. So im not sure what the point is here.

SHAR 2 is a better aircraft all round.


That it probably needs to go down in BR as well. But is sitll at 12.3.

Not actually on the dev yet.


so Smin, to change the topic what are you most looking forward to this update?

mine is definitely the Sea Harrier