Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

Honestly if you want to experience the arjun just play the TTD that endlind tank in the South African branch. Similar experience and exterior looks, pretty fun and the tank is good ngl. Very underestimated.
The same cant be said for the arjun irl though.

Have em on dev tho,6x MICA and 2 Magic 2s

eh except the TTD hasn’t got a massive gap in the armour behind the gunners optics on the cheek

As far as i understand it is only for the Mavericks

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oh fine… my vikhr hit just like a straight line these days
i dont know maybe GJ want rewrite agtm?

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I mean I guess this is on topic but I would recommend people take a loot at this idea.
Subtree Rework - Nation Folders


Looks great!

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so your saying the bison is the only jet in game that’s actually accurate in terms of that lmao. of course it is, its in the British tech tree…

Im fed up with gaijin changing og maps for the worse. Its not a great sign that in game the best maps are mostly the old maps that have no received any changes. i think gaijin should simply stop “fixing” the older maps and focus on actually creating maps that are worth our time.

  • Revert map changes
  • Keep map changes
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No devblog today I suppose. Was expecting that pre-order tank.

edit, sorry clicked wrong “reply” button.

Monday Devblogs are rare


agree, old map good enough

Yeah but the pre-order decal was mined. Usually that is same day as the blog.

Yeah, I agree. An Alternative of a map added to the pool. Fine. But leave the original as well. Tunisia was one of the last remaining good maps

i hope for the Dutch navy taking the three lines that are missing in France navy.

Do you know anything about a future implementation of the Dutch navy?
And are we going to get sub-TT BeNeLux in all aspects of France in the future (like naval, helicopters and ground)?

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oh you like long ranged combat in your modern tanks that actually allow some of them to show their strong points? no sir, go back to the cqb style maps and the vast flat planes allowing for no flanks or pushes…

and its not like 1 nation in perticular has smaller, lower profile tanks that have an easier time hiding on those exposed maps and are also generally quicker and better suited for assault maps.

Nah, Need Luxembougs navy :P

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with the new spall liners added to the Germans and swedes they have finally taken the top spot for mbt however the Russians are still over performing and favoured, no two ways about it. im still stuck with my challengers (which i no longer play as whats the point) facing these stupid tanks with armour that doesn’t mean shit against them.

Yeah, ive basically stopped too. At least the new warrior is 10.0 so can be played at 10.3. Should be quite good. Was afraid it was going to be like 10.7