Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

it’s literally implemented

option for 12 vs 12 has been added, hopefully we get a 10 vs 10 option soon. 8 vs 8 would be perfect but i doubt we would get it.

where ?

The chance you are seeing a lower player count in ARB is like finding a needle in a haystack, I even have the Option section on, but literally seeing nothing.

a better option is to remove 16 v 16, it have no place in top tier or any other ARB matches.

wow … so the Chilean M-50 HVMS Super Sherman got passed … nice

they passed the F-20 for Germany

why, are you telling me you dont want to face 16 players with 8 missiles each on average. thats 8 missiles available per player on your team… seems perfectly fine with me.

No whack-a-mole with crewmembers for me, thanks. I’ve had enough from the AUBL HVG

im most happy about the stormer air defence, would actually give us an spaa to fill the gap between 8.3 and 11.7 (the stormer simply does not count at this point).

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They readded the SAM launcher to the Pr.12412 's Xray view:


Flamethrower tanks, big W


@Smin1080p Sorry to bother again you m8 but does this statement here applys to all nations now moving forward that are similar to the Benelux ? As a new standard for new nations ?

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After this there are already 2 Chilean vehicles that passed to the developers and both have the HVMS cannon, so they will probably go to Israel, perhaps as a premium/event



16v16 should be banned in toptier……8×16 fox3 will definitely ruin your whole day

Just notch & defeat with energy. Fox 3s should be zero issue at distance.

Lots of LATAM nations has Israeli techs, due to their cheap prices, decent cost-effectiveness and reliability. Not saying they should be a subtree - I would lobby for a independent LATAM tree, but LATAM vehicles with IWI techs can be good options for the Israeli TT.
Besides the HVMS sherman, other options that could be dug into might be IAI dagger operated by FAA, and kfir C.10 operated by Colombia.

Would prefer a Chilean sub tree, if possible, tbh

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its the number thats the problem buddy, harder to dodge ir missiles are still harder to dodge ir missiles no matter how “easy” they are to dodge. we dont need 16 vs 16 players at top tier at all. even 12 vs 12 is still a bit much. 10 vs 10 or 8 vs 8 would be perfect. would shorten matchs but they wouldn’t be the cluster fucks they are now.

plus it would help bombers greatly as you could feasibly sneak around in these matchs without coming accross a side climbing player 50km away from the ao.

Politics and ongoing conflict aside, Chile is a decent option, it would have some potential in LATAM as well, since its L2A4s are effectively the best MBT in South America.