Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

i mean, if you cant see a tree in a forest its not our fault lol

either way blocking that guy there is no reason to talk with him clearly

and I dont want the Leo2a4M and you clearly didnt read what I said, I said that gaijin seems to be willing to fill gaps in the uk tree with Canadian vics like the M113, so saying we should have gotten the CF18 instead of a gripen C with literally next to no historical loadouts isnt that hard to understand surely

Maybe an F18, otherwise they could give JA37D it’s 4 AMRAAMS, bump it to 12.0-12.3

F/a18 can carry 10 AMRAAMS

difference is that uk has a south africa tree and those a grippen just made more sense. besides that gajin clearly already showed they dont care about historical loadouts, many aircraft have faulty armaments they never used it is what it is


yeah but the South african Gripen C literally never mounted any of the AAMs it has, hell it doesnt even get the centre line bomb the C is meant to have right now its just a copy paste A with no actual weapons it mounted.

And Im glad the uk finally got something to be competitive at top tier I just wish we got something from a country we have far more incoming then south africa

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wait did it actually get accepted or is it just a suggestion atm?


Nothing is confirmed, Gripen A could carry AMRAAM as well, so could the 11.3 Viggen. They could very well intend for the Gripen C to have the Iris-T’s be their selling point.

I also think it’s ‘most likely’ that they add Fox 3’s with 39C exclusively, regardless there’s better ways to go about this discussion than literally calling everyone who doesn’t share your unconfirmed opinion ‘stupid’ and blocking them right after lmao.

SAAF air isn’t necessary bad

If the Gripen gets R darter it would be pretty amazing if the BOLs are with it

incoming or in common? because UK isnt specialy getting more canadian stuff that got confirmed like i said, they go where they would fit best, so we would wait and see and either way the grippen was needed since the f/A 18s are coming even later and wouldnt have solved the problem for a long time

the thing is from what we know the R darter was never mounted on the gripen C but from the looks of it thats where gaijin is going so thats kinda cool I guess still more realistic then aim9M and the skyflash lol

oh you just got aware of it? since it was forwarded 2 weeks ago already

It was intargrated meaning at some point it was.

Its not used as the missile was retired

It got move to considered just now :D

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This would be awesome

yeah thats what I mean lol, its nice to have a decent top tier jet after like 3 years of waiting. I just wish we got the CF18 instead since the CF18 is pretty much the same as the F18A so america really wont need it so its most likely gonna be relegated to a skin and never seen in game

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and pretty annoying

It would be great to have tanks with bushes like this, but since bushes are decorations they probably won’t add this as mods (especially since bushes cost GE and is a source of income)

More realistic bush decorations would be nice though