Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)


@StormRyder13 just send him the topic lmao

Alternatively some kind of F-5E-2000 or other upgrades, would sell well as a premium. But not sure if the US mains will be a big fan of that.

Just imagine, one day gaijin releases a teaser and it starts of from left to right shwoing a red light lighting up, then a white one in the middle, and a red one on the right and then a red maple leaf pops up in the middle (i would cry)


the maple leaf falling through air and turning its face to the camera between the colors


@squidgy4 This one? It is a “blanket tree” so it also shows all C&P is you have a problem with C&P you’ll know what it could get for C&P.

(I really need to finish the air tree.)


Tbh I think a teaser before the devblogs would be more crazy then the teaser before the dev stream.
Like what the point in getting hyped the time where the tease comes out only in a few hours time I’m a sleep until the dev stream

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wow guy worked a bit on that

Imagine they use the Red Ensign instead. Tho I can see more done with the Maple leaf.

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Yeah, or a maple leaf falling off of a maple tree with a canadian tank rolling over it, or a plane flies over a maple tree and some maple leaves fall off

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Vehicle wise it’s a very mid update, but damn this update is packed with new features and/or qol changes.

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Indeed Thatz is who I consider the local Canadian expert. I’ve partnered with them to make an Air tree for Canada.

I’d be done if I could find things for the premium/event section.


I find the vehicles to be quite fun, I’m not sure why opinions are generally so dour :(

They are coming

Oh, what type of missile is this?

Mica ir version

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French IIR missile

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idk when it was added, but MICA EM also has an own model


Now where are the python 4s? >:(

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