Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 4)

No, its not closed.

Feel free to stop mentioning me in your posts

What do trains have to do with WT?

And when you are off topic and I comment on it you and your friends harrass me for “being a mod”
If I don’t say anything you still mention me in your posts harassing me

I mean we literally had a new updated train model I hope more will follow especially on older maps.

Trains also could me useful for more game mode too or could even acted like spawn protection.


Last time I checked it wouldn’t close until tomorrow?

07:00 GMT (edit: mistook the hour, not the day tho) of today says the changelog page

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Okay I probably read it wrong, or I’m slowly going insane, either way my bad.

Thought it closed today
Can’t remember from previous patches if we have ever had 2 weekends of Dev server though

Since they swapped to the extended weekend version of Dev serves that is

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Oh hey, they renamed the chinese MBT

Yeah you are right, my bad. I think I either misread the thread or I’m slowly losing my grip on reality.

The thing is, dev server is still open, i just got inside again, so idk if they’ll just update it or close it later


yeah its still open for me as well which is weird since it should have shut like 5 hours ago?



so now that we know the VT4 is finished and with the proper textures, where’s the devserver update with those changes gaijin, where’s my SAAF JAS39C

Apparently they are extending it until at least the 12th


i hope they update it then i want to see the SA gripen surely it isnt that hard to just copy the model over

So would the VT-4A1 be Chinese or Pakistan ?

I mean there are a few things that are different on the C compared to the A but, fundamentally they could just copy the model over and add whatever details are missing.

Finally I can reply again

Chinese since MBT-2000 got chinese flag