War Thunder Dev Server opening with “Air Superiority” Major Update

The Dev Server will be opening today featuring the new War Thunder “Air Superiority” Major Update!

You can download the Dev Client here

When: From 16:30 GMT, December 7th

To: 07:00 GMT, December 11th

The Dev Server may be closed early if technical problems are encountered. If you would like to participate in testing, please try to do testing at the start of the servers opening.

Known Bugs

  • New vehicles in update 2.33 may have inaccuracies in flight and technical characteristics, armor and weaponry settings.
  • The armor model for new ground vehicles in update 2.33 is “work in progress” for adjustment and improvement.
  • Some new aircraft lack cockpits.
  • Some ground vehicles lack a visible crew.
  • On some aircraft torn-off wings might be displayed incorrectly.
  • Icons for the new vehicles might be missing.
  • There may be a lack of localization for some equipment.
  • No sound played on some events.
  • Some aircraft may have inaccuracies in the Damage Model, missing fuel, oil and water leaks, armor materials.
  • The radar settings for some aircraft might not be final.

A summary of the additions on this Dev Server


There’s several aircraft including the awesome F-15 for several nations, premium Tornado for Germany, several cockpit remakes for Soviet aircraft. In addition, rank VIII tanks including the M1A2 SEP2 and Challenger 3 (P), and some naval ships. Check out the full list in the major changelog.

Bug fixes

Dozens of bug fixes for many vehicles, vehicle characteristic and weaponry changes, plus some new secondary customization added to some aircraft. Check out the full list in the major changelog.


Volcano Valley, featuring beautiful landscapes and erupting volcanoes has been added for aircraft. This will be the only aircraft map in the rotation on this dev server for AB and RB, so test it out let us know what you think by leaving some feedback on the forum. In addition to this, several locations and missions have received some updates. Check out the full list in the major changelog.

Earned & Spent items

Nothing counts on the dev server. Anything you do is not transferred to the live main server, such as Research Points and Silver Lions earned, achievements unlocked and vehicles unlocked. This also applies to any Golden Eagles, Silver Lions and Research Points that you spend on the dev server — nothing will be subtracted from your live server account.

Leaving Feedback & Bug Reports

All feedback and bug reports help us to fix any issues or change any features before the major update is released on the live server.

Found an issue? See how to create a bug report for the Dev Server.


The server will remain open until at least 12th December.


Dev server is now closed.
You can still leave feedback in special Dev Server section and reports in CBR site :)
Thank you, we appreciate your help!