Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

ohhh i love it

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Ka-52 thermal resolution was decreased
Ger Tornado thermal resolution was increased

Yep France naval is in a really sad state…

Putting a meh premium for helping researching what…?

2 BBs that are not worth it?

We need Dunkerque class really soon :/

BTW in the files we spoted a new destroyer (Vauquelin class, i think it’s still gonna be another low tier one) !


T-90M cannot be penetrated from the side by hsltv
11.3 cannot penetrate 11.7 from…the…side…

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Yet it is what War Thunder initially started as. There is still so much left to add from WWII and the Cold War, yet now we’ve got vehicles from 2020 to the current year. Lot of holes to backtrack and fill. With the holes and br compression, now anyone up-tiered to face T-90M won’t pen anything. Many people still play WWII. Many level 100s still play lower tiers.

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ah yes great…

time to make bug reports like with the puma… just for gaijin to ignore them

They should rename this update to Troll Superiority

2017 T90M something like 2021+ challanger 3 etc

Saying it’s “meh” isn’t quite right IMO. I think the Paris is an okay ship. It does the job just as well as the other 305mm, even if it’s perhaps slightly less resistant.

That said I do agree that so far, it’s useless to put money into it, since it’s not worth it at all.

The Vauquelin class isn’t the worst addition, at least unlike the Combattante it fits in the tree, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the tech tree. As always, I feel like they aren’t interested in this tree at all. Aimlessly adding a Premium BB without anything worthy or “meta” to grind won’t make people buy it IMO.

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Don’t worry, already done. 14 reports so far

btw u maybe got a video of that bullshittery?

Sorry deleted dev serv
Only zone that can be penetrated is engine zone
From the front just hope for cannon breach
You could ask someone else to make penetration map using hsltv shells

@Smin1080p any particular reason why t72s have been raised up in height? it may not be as noticeable but it definitely is if you look closer

edit: im not so sure if i see it right atleast, but something definitely seems off

Perhaps it’s an okay ship, but it’s only free food for things like scharnorst or others 6.7/7.0.

They reall add things slowly, and they mainly add low tier for now.

Problem is for people to be interested in grinding a TT, you should propose something cool and interesting at the end of the TT.

As long they keep the top French naval (2last rank, lets say) in that state, things never gonna change for the good.


Damn… wanrt a coffee? beer?

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Why did Italy get Hungary as a subtree? The two nations don’t codevelop anything. Adding Brazil as a subtree would have made more sense. I’m glad the A126D was finally added. I still feel I shouldn’t have to grind Hungarian helicopters to get it, and why they can’t be their own branch like every other nation. Why does the AMV get a better round, yet all models of the Ariete have the same gun (C1, PSO, AMV)?

There are many Italian designed, built, and tested vehicles that are not yet in the game spanning multiple eras. Had they been added over the Hungarian subtree (which I feel belongs with Germany) then the Italian community and players who love playing Italy wouldn’t be so loud about it.

It is why the community says they feel hated. All nations got a lot of stuff this year, and we all hope all nations get a lot next year. We hope that some of the suggestion work put in by Nicho and the crew are taken into serious consideration and even implemented.


all ariete’s get dm53 apart from the 10.3 one.

Cause some are tired of the top tier pains like the flopping of who gets to spawn camp and matches lasting less than 10 minutes.

Anyone noticed that the AP bombs explode as if they have a contact fuse?