Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

ik its definitely not WWII

but it’s the best we get

hopefully we see more later in the Devserver season


let me be the judge of that… a PUMA with spikes is definetly better than a PUMA without them, i think you agree. What i was wanting to point is that after so many updates they still fail to add the spike to this vehicle altough its best know in reality to have them included.

nobody plays WW2, only the melancolics… nobody wants WW2 , that age passed long time ago… boring gameplay… move one and evolve, future of this game has always been more modern stuff.

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I still want WWII.


ok sorry, by saying nobody i was referring a low percentage of the playerbase./

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90% of the player base is still in ww2.


what? Speak for you but most player are in low tier (mostly due to the grind)


What…? There are so many people who play the ww2 vehicles exclusively due to how insufferable top tier is.


because they’re grinding to top?

I personally find little joy in WWII vehicles these days


And 90% of them will never get there.

and I dislike top tier due to cas, stock grind and gameplay is much more similar mostly mbts


i personaly don’t see why they can’t just make an extra line to fit common weath air craft that the uk did not make eg the hal tejas or the arrow but that is up to them.

Any new vehicles in the dev server datamines ?

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This patch is a joke for naval players right now. The French battleship is a premium, but there’s nothing at rank 5 or 6 worth researching right now if you already have one or both of the ships in those areas. And quite frankly I’d recommend to people who haven’t started the tree yet to get Dupliex instead, even if she is arguably the worst rank 4 cruiser premium.

And Britains battleship is a tiny bit worse version of Marlborough/Iron Duke. Does Gaijin not know that if they give Britain Revenge then Russian can get a copy-paste of that? They could kill 3 birds with one stone there, Britain and Russia get new top tier battleships and 15-inch guns can get better dispersion (because God knows they wouldn’t let a Russian ship have that awful dispersion).

And I’m personally offended, not by the state of naval, but the new rank for tanks means I’m locked out of top tier Japan until I research 3 more vehicles. Just like when rank 8 air came out I was locked out of USA top tier, like hello? I already have the F-14A, just let me get the [insert preferred expletive] F-14B, this is such a stupid progression system.


oh my god… YES
lore accurate Thermal Resolution


AMV has more horsepower and a better round. Why it gets a better round I have no idea given all models can fire the same rounds. KF41 APS doesn’t work, armor like Puma is not implemented fully (from what I have read on other threads), Spikes you get only 2 and they suck. You may lightly damage a stationary T-80U’s track, if you are lucky you might get his barrel.

Air Italy could have gotten (should have a while ago), the AMX. Which is subsonic CAS. I get Italy may not get another supersonic jet till the addition of the Eurofighter Typhoon some year or so down the road.

Why does Italy have a Hungarian branch? Sure military cooperation in WWII, but post they split. Hungary went on to work with Germany in terms of military vehicle development. In my opinion, the Hungarian branch should have gone to Germany. So what to give Italy? Like any of the Italian-developed vehicles that were made and not currently in the game, and many of which would fill many of the holes in the tech tree.

So what subtree to give to Italy? Brazil, given Italy and Brazil have been working together for longer than Hungary and Italy have. Just cause the Hungarian flag is a sideways Italian flag, doesn’t mean it should go to Italy.

In my opinion, if Italy didn’t lack so many of the Italian vehicles that should be added (which have already been suggested by Nicho and the crew) then Italy wouldn’t be so much of a minor nation. Many people around the world love Italy. It’s culture, food, music, and art. In my opinion, I feel Gaijin does a poor job of shining a light on really cool Italian military ingenuity that spans decades. Additionally, had Italian mains like myself (I have other well-researched tech trees), and received more Italian vehicles then we wouldn’t be so loud about it. (Adding the A129D was great and all, just wish I wouldn’t have to grind through Hungarian helicopters to get it.)

Contrary to the opinions of others, I, and anyone who plays Italy a lot, will tell you Italy is quite frankly really really good. As someone who grew up around American equipment and is quite familiar with it, Italian equipment just has more character.

On to another topic. @Smin1080p Or any other mods, why has the dev server been made so that everyone can have access to anything and max crews? If the purpose of the dev server is to test new vehicles and to find and create bug reports, then why hinder your player base from testing them? It comes off as, if you want to test what is to come but don’t have it researched on the live server and don’t want to grind for it on the dev server, spend money. Like really? After this many years this point still has to be argued, so what then is the purpose of having a dev server open to the player base?

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At least you get F&F…