Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

maybe put them into a spoiler


It retains the CL3141 as intermediate shell before DM53. Took years of begging for DM53 to be added only for them to take away CL3141 from all Ariete but AMV which we never asked them to do. Removing the historical round used.

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god I want one of those Unimogs

but be wrong but the ariete never used DM53 did they? i think thats why it needed years , because it is unhistorical

We havent ordered 2A8 yet

As always, make a valid and solid suggestion only for Gaijin to do the opposite, one step forward and two steps back. We don’t like rage rants, but we don’t feel we are listened to and acknowledged. So people rage rant, and really only feels to grow Gaijin’s distaste for the Italian tech tree and the community behind it.

oh yeah definitly xD still list of picures is a tad bit to much

Shhh don’t tell them that. You gotta keep up the narrative.

I had a separate topic for this on Ru forums:

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If its the Swedish one, thats because it is the Gripen A, it has an old RWR. BAe was a design consult on Gripen so when it came to modernising it Sweden turned to BAe to modernise it to NATO standard, the new RWR should identify all radars NATO had encountered, its also just a newer RWR, but the old one is rather bad.

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Nope. They nerfed CL3141 and since they wouldn’t rework the historical round the suggestion was for them to give it DM53. Now the Ariete can definitely fire DM53, as NATO standards, but the round seriously impacts barrel life.

the Unimog is the Ultimate Utility vehicle

the only reason the Toyota Hilux is more known is because it’s cheaper

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i like this boxer variant, i just dont know what it carries on the side SAM missles or spikes. looks more intresting the the vilkas right now



I agree, theres 6 classes between the damn Orion and the R class, one of which is Iron Duke class. Not to be funny but the R class was WORSE than the Bayern class, and there’s two damn Bayern’s in game. Bayern was built in response to the QE and R class so its stupid as hell that we have neither.

Plus the UK has yet another ship which will probably have awful AA.

like I actually want an Unimog in real life

I know the Bundeswehr sold a lot or fairly cheap (20k€) a few years ago

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well you can say the same thing about how the leo2a5 and up dont get DM43 as there first apfsds



hey wait the last unimog, there’s a Twin barreled version of that AA gun with engine assisted traverse which was in service with the Luftwaffe

now that thing would be a Nice SPAA, twin Rh202 on a very mobile chassis

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I don’t like Rh202 as an anti-aircraft gun.

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well I don’t know if it’s really a Rh202 I just know that it’s a Twin barrel 20mm gun