Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

i realy hate that you keep saying that when it is wrong, there is france, italy as well, we never wanted belgium or poland, we literaly are only intrested in netherlands and sharing switzerland with the french

The lack of overall ground content is still a sore point. France, Germany, UK, China and Israel have been asking for new top tier lights for years and still nothing. No 10.0+ lights for anyone that has needed them.
Now top tier will still be just as unplayable because new vehicles are being added that are very poorly thought out and implemented, rank VIII currently looks to be a detriment to the game so far as well.


nooo don’t remove france

marry the trees, a combined Ger/Ita/Fra tree would be awesome and unbeatable

i love that you are arguing for us, but we dont need it as desperately as the other 3… or you might have wanted to switch germany with israel …

of fuel

WT players when they forgot Israel exist

360kg are 360kg

The spike is nothing to write home about my guy. You really aren’t missing anything. Sure on the Freccia it saves me when my breech or gunner are out, but the ones on the KF41 are useless. You might lightly yellow a stationary T-80U across the map, and you only get 2. If you are lucky, you might get his barrel.

I forget Israel often.
Unless you want me to completely forget about Germany, I’ve kept you guys higher in the list of my priorities for what to ask for still as well.

Slight misread with your comment. Hopefully mine doesn’t seem as bad as I’m reading it.

I have a hot take.

Trickzzter has done more to damage the game than the chinese suggestion mod ever did.

Come at me.


I didn’t forget it, I ignored it

I gave up when I had to use the Night fighter Meteor as a fighter

expect it to be after the fgr2, since the other lines are basically interceptor, naval, strike, bomber/strike, the only one that suits it is the fgr2’s line i guess

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so … there are zero ww2 vehicles? Not even one?


nope none

was the most disappointing part for me


the only Low tier I know of is the Fronch Flakbus

so when do you guys think we will see the update? one week? 2 weeks?

but that isn’t really ww2

within 2 weeks

Just over a week likely.