Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

My mistakes. I thought it is more of a less extreme R-73 with better IRCCM(it does adapt thermal imager)

I mean the JAS39A also has a super Ahistorical loadout

I was going to make a bug report with the sources from the SEPv2 LFP thread, but I have honestly never made one. So I was hoping to take a look at an existing armor bug report to see how it works.

I mean there was an option for the Atlas Cheetah C.

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Centauro II is on the leak list and it’s a very reasonable addition now with Tier 8 Ground. I don’t think they are working on anything else for this update because all the other options are more exotic. They could also add the Ariete Hitfact, which is basically and Ariete with the Centauro II turret.
That being said, the Hitfact turret is the main selling point as it has a 3-4 second autoloader (I have only heard it a couple of times but haven’t found anything official yet)

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It seems, like ASRAAM, to be a weapon which doesn’t add any gameplay and would simply be the equivalent of a console command.

u wont see how it works, most of the sources u gotta give are internal and hidden to other viewers
Because they might be books etc you normaly gotta pay for

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gotta love the run for your life and pray gameplay

honestly i quite like the plane. looks like a cuter F16. also scarier

Yeah, any tree can be strong if you just give it the best vehicles in the game for no reason.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall only that SEP v1 and v2 are mentioned to have “improved armor” which is marketing speak to not specify if it actually has better chemical or kinetic protection, simply that it’s not identical to earlier models of Abrams.

SEP v3 does actually have improved kinetic and chemical protection, which I understand to be often mis-attributed to earlier versions.

Imo it theyre gonna give the JAS 39A the Cs cockpit and weapons they might as well have added the C instead



Oh shit I guess my bug report is doomed to fail than lol. The screenshots were just posted in the channel so I would have to find the original source of the screenshots.

However I would rather do a failed attempt than no attempt at all I guess.

South Africa also operated Canberras and Buccaneers, though not the same variant in game.
I am sure that you can find a dozen userskins if you search though.

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either they rename it or they just remove all the good things

basically your bug reports will be rejected no matter what you do

even if the MoD gave them sources it’d be denied


another update in which the PUMA doesnt get its spike… i think this is the fourth update since Spike vehicles were added to Italy… also no light VEHICLE to france altough a premium one added 3 pathches ago? i got my spike Tiger but have not light vehicle to scout in at top tier to spawn faster in it… Also no top tier light tank for GB…

For 2A7V discussion:

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