Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

GB could be one of the best nations in the game if all commonwealth vehicles were in it. Canadian Leopards, Australian abrams, F18’s and many others

yeah yeah, we know about the IRIST being to advanced, but we are talking about the A-darter. Will it be added or will it not ?

No no it wont

It would be FAR too broken

I wouldn’t say Gaijin has finished it yet, nevertheless finding a place for it. I don’t think even the devs have a solid answer and neither could smin.

I sympathise with your plight, I can only hope they are aware of the sources and plan to bring things in line, or maybe it’s intentional armour nerfs to keep these vehicles destroyable by much of the existing rank 7 vehicles.

well we never what to start a war again, don`t we?

Let’s just hear what the dev say about, before we jump to conclusions.

I suppose that’s a serious paradigm shift, to a gameplay not dissimilar to british solid shot gameplay of the lower ranks.

It was introduced in 2014 no chance.

what are you talking about? I don’t understand

Ugh, that was a long time ago, when the game was a few years old and it was accepted that there were many things that were done wrong, since it was a relatively new game and you had confidence that year after year the devs would improve and do a better job , with fewer errors and adding things that will make players wait for new updates. In the end everything has turned into errors one after another, old bugs that are added to new bugs, painful damage models, stupid bounces due to poor implementation of volumetric bullets, imbalance between tanks and planes in Ground battles, tanks with bullets many years older than the tank, poorly modeled modern tank armor, and I could go on like this all day. This update is the same as always, more bad tanks modded and without their correct bullets, and possibly more bugs to add to the large list of already existing bugs.
It is normal that people are not happy, with a game that is two or three years old you can still have hope and be patient waiting for them to do something to solve the problems, but after eleven years without seeing solutions, it is now impossible to expect something In the new updates except beautiful 3D models of tanks, perfect to see them in the garage or use them in the test drive, nothing more.


It is practically something between a magic and an R-73, less extreme than both of the missiles while better than the mike.
I would definitely say A-darters for SAAF gripens will be available around may next year, and if the gripen is an event vehicle, it might even get A-darters on release

Missile was tested back in 2007, first missile variant was in 2010, let’s just hear what gaijin says about it.

Not only can the A-Darter be fired over the shoulder it has LOAL no chance, its WAYYYY too modern.

They just said no to the IRIST-T why would they even consider the A-Darter?

let us just hear what gaijin says.

A-darter, according to wiki, has 8 seconds burn time of 100g thrust vectoring and 120 degrees of tracking with 90 degrees per second tracking rate. So basically completely impossible to dodge. Why do you want this in the game?


Thank you.

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So non historical loadout then I guess. Which confuses me given that could have been done for a few UK planes as placeholders instead but oh well. (eg hawk 100/200s including a South African Hawk 120, SHAR FA2, super top tier maybe not, but unique, and UK side interesting)

I shall continue to wait and hope for Gnats, Hawks and Scimitar xD

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I got into a few games with the Fury Mk.II and I got 4 in the first game and 5 in the second one so now I’ve unlocked that SAAF camo : D

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@Smin1080p will other vehicles get their spall liner?