Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

ah hell na S-300 and Patriot


Gonna need those DCS sized maps

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It’s amusing how much conflict of interest or outright bias there is amongst most of the sources used in this area of evidence.

Marketing brochures, PR pamphlets, adveritising, the bragging of militaries. Just about the worst evidence in terms of aforementioned conflict of interest and bias.


yes and DCS weapons

if we get those we NEEEEED SEAD

Well long as you know how to notch should be fine ;)

The update name should be “Soviet Superiority”


you ain’t notching an S-300

Thats how you avoid em notch and dive

Can’t forget the ecm and jammers too. Let’s get the weasels going.

Hold my drink

oh yes those too

what kinda drink?

a water of course. The smell is because i was painting

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The J-9 never made it out of paper.
I speculate more of this:


Huffing paint is what you were doing I know it

How dare you accuse me of such things
The only thing i Huff is copium before a blog

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there is no other way to keep sanity in RRD

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@Deathmisser do you read that vilkas in german tree as well kek lol

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Return the SIM-RB is no longer that silly idea now, I suppose. 3 hour EC-styled game with hop in and hop out plus the sim mode type reward.

@Deathmisser will be able to stop talking that Vilkas is premium for polish tree.

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