Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

That’s a lot of tank dovbleg for now x)

Bean bag side ERA just like the T-80BVM



Yeah. Usually on on is a targeting pod when it has GBUs.



This is what it can carry thanks to NATO standardize pylons

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Sounds like a far shot

uses same ammo as t90a i still think bvm will be a lot better

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2x 20mm Oerlikon KAD autocannons.

Holly molly



just like OES was named Megatron on the files


Clearly it means leopard and should go to the Germans (joke don’t murder me)

Well, it will be more durable, with slightly better minor things (LWS, CITV), but worse mobility. I think they will be somekind on par

Both the T-80BVM and the T-90A use the 3BM60 so it will be fine, the good thing will be the fact that the T-90M uses a CITV and more chemical protection compared to the BVM. I’d pick the T-90M Obj. 2017 over the T-80BVM anytime of the week

sweden never had 9Ms though…

Oh my god that thing is gonna be so ridiculously survivable


And Germany never had AIM-9Js.

yeah that doesn’t look like Obr. 2017, so either Gaijin decided to add the newer version or we’ll have to research the relikt bags like on the BVM

Yup…but we will need to see what Gaijin will give it…hope that i will not be extremely disappointed. Already little bit from teaser and the 14s that it had there.

idk i think the reverse speed on the bvm even if its not amazing will be more crucial than more armor

Nor VT-1 btw. Neither in service, and it wasnt even able to be used on the flakradarad, i’ve read they even sue France for that xD